2019 ACG Edgar Achkar Visiting Professorship Application

2019 ACG Edgar Achkar Visiting Professorship Application

To Apply:

To submit your application for the ACG Edgar Achkar Visiting Professorship, please complete this form, and upload a letter addressed to the ACG President, and ACG Institute Director. For questions email: ACGInstitute@gi.org

See 2019 Flyer for ACG EAVP program.
See FAQs for ACG EAVP applications.

Evaluation Criteria:

The ACG Institute aims to support visits to a diverse group of programs, with respect to program size, areas of faculty expertise, and geographic dispersion. We also seek to provide experts in a variety of disciplines in clinical gastroenterology. Our goal is to provide not only world class education, but also an intimate atmosphere for informal mentoring and role modeling. By bringing motivated trainees together with successful academic clinicians, we hope to encourage the development of the next generation of leaders in gastroenterology.

The Institute will assess the degree to which the proposed visit meets the objectives and goals of the ACG Edgar Achkar Visiting Professorship program. Applications from North American GI Training programs will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The degree to which the training program documents and demonstrates an unmet need for the visit in their training program.
  • The extent to which the proposed speaker(s) fulfill this unmet need.
  • The commitment of the training program to promote the event locally. In particular, we expect the recipient institution to coordinate events in such as a way as to include community GI practitioners, whether through a local gut club event or by inviting them to the GI grand rounds.
  • Application:

  • GI Program Director:

  • Point Person/ Contact:

  • Administrative Assitant/ GI Fellowship Coordinator

  • Program Details:

  • Please list three dates in 2018 and provide at least a month lead time.
  • You may identify up to three; there is no guarantee that we can fulfill the exact request, given limitations of schedules and travel requirements.
    Check as many as applicable
  • Detail how you plan to advertise the “ACG Edgar Achkar Visiting Professorship Program” and to recruit participants.
  • How will hosting a Visiting Professor enhance the educational experience of your fellows and faculty?
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
    Attach your letter addressed to the ACG Institute Director