ACG 2014 Midwest Regional Postgraduate Course

The American College of Gastroenterology is pleased to make available downloadable versions of speaker slides from the 2014 Midwest Regional Postgraduate Course in Indianapolis, IN. Final presentations provided by faculty at the course are posted below. To access presentation slides, please click on the session title below.

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Course Directors:
Charles J. Kahi, MD, FACG
David G. Mangels, MD, FACG

Friday, August 22, 2014

Moderator: David G. Mangels, MD, FACG
6:15 pm The Affordable Care Act (ACA), Consolidation and Regulatory Issues for Gastroenterologists, and Washington Update
Harry E. Sarles, Jr., MD, FACG
6:35 pm Malpractice Issues for the Practicing Gastroenterologist
Richard E. Moses, DO, JD
6:55 pm Quality Reporting Initiatives for Gastroenterology Practices
Michael S. Morelli, MD, FACG
7:15 pm Job Satisfaction, Preventing Burnout for the Busy Gastroenterologist
Ronald J. Vender, MD, FACG

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Moderator: Thomas F. Imperiale, MD
7:45 am Non-variceal Upper GI Bleeding: What’s New?
Thomas F. Imperiale, MD
8:05 am New Antithrombotics: The GI Endoscopist’s Perspective
John A. Martin, MD
8:25 am Variceal Hemorrhage: Update on Management and Prevention
Paul Martin, MD, FACG
Moderator: Brian E. Lacy, MD, PhD, FACG
9:00 am Non-Dietary Interventions for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Brian E. Lacy, MD, PhD, FACG
9:20 am Functional Heartburn and Dyspepsia
Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH, FACG
9:40 am Dietary Interventions and Probiotics in Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Brian E. Lacy, MD, PhD, FACG
Moderator: Evan L. Fogel, MD
10:45 am Acute Pancreatitis in 2014: What Has Changed?
Evan L. Fogel, MD
11:05 am Cystic Lesions of the Pancreas
John M. DeWitt, MD, FACG
11:25 am Chronic Pancreatitis: Expert Tips and Tricks
Darwin L. Conwell, MD, MS
Moderator: Gary R. Lichtenstein, MD, FACG
12:45 pm Optimizing Current Anti-TNF Therapy in Clinical Practice
Gary R. Lichtenstein, MD, FACG
1:05 pm Demystifying IBD Management in Pregnant Patients
Sonia Friedman, MD, FACG
1:25 pm Health Maintenance in IBD
Millie D. Long, MD
2:00 pm-4:45 pm
2:00 pm
to 2:30 pm
Barrett’s Esophagus: State-of-the-Art
Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH, FACG
2:45 pm
to 3:15 pm
Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
Eamonn M. M. Quigley, MD, FACG
3:30 pm
to 4:00 pm
Primer on Personalized Medicine
Sandeep K. Gupta, MD, FACG
4:15 pm
to 4:45 pm
MOC Today and Tomorrow: Meeting ABIM’s New MOC Requirements
Paul Martin, MD, FACG

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Moderator: Charles J. Kahi, MD, FACG
8:00 am Mastering Effective Polypectomy
Douglas K. Rex, MD, MACG
8:20 am Familial and Hereditary Colon Cancer
Aasma Shaukat, MD, MPH, FACG
8:40 am Non-Invasive Screening for Colorectal Cancer: Is There a Best Test?
Thomas F. Imperiale, MD
9:00 am Screening for Colorectal Cancer in the Elderly
Charles J. Kahi, MD, FACG
Moderator: Bruce R. Bacon, MD, FACG
10:00 am Fatty Liver Disease Management: The Basics and Beyond
Naga P. Chalasani, MD, FACG
10:20 am Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B
Bruce R. Bacon, MD, FACG
10:40 am Drug Induced Liver Injury: Identifying the Culprit(s)
Raj K. Vuppalanchi, MD
11:00 am Hepatitis C Treatment: Dawn of a New Era
Paul Y. Kwo, MD, FACG