Training Committee



Kathy P. Bull-Henry, MD, FACG, Chair
Georgetown University Hospital
Division of Gastroenterology
3800 Reservoir Road NW, M2408
Washington, DC 20007-2113
Phone: 202-444-1667
Fax: 202-444-4211

Rabia Ali, M.D.
Sherif Abotaga Andrawes, M.D.
Olga C. Aroniadis, M.D., MSc
Akwi W. Asombang, M.D., FACG
Nayantara Coelho-Prabhu, M.D., FACG
Marta L. Davila, M.D., FACG
Nabil F. Fayad, M.D.
Paul Feuerstadt, M.D., FACG
Mohit Girotra, M.D.
Yogesh K. Govil, M.D., FACG
Robert Hirten, M.D.
Pichamol Jirapinyo, M.D.
Daniela Jodorkovsky, M.D., FACG
Kian Keyashian, M.D.
Abraham R. Khan, M.D.
Harshit S. Khara, M.D.
Anand Raman Kumar, M.D.
Vladimir M. Kushnir, M.D.
Zone En Lee, M.D.
Mark C. Mattar, M.D., FACG
Paul A. Menard-Katcher, M.D
Marty M. Meyer, M.D.
Patrick G. Northup, M.D.
William Palmer, M.D.
Parth J. Parekh, M.D.
Alyssa M. Parian, M.D.
Brett J. Partridge, M.D., FACG
Mihir K. Patel, M.D.
Nancy S. Reau, M.D.
K. Gautham Reddy, M.D., FACG
Aparajita Singh, M.D.
Manish B. Singla, M.D.
Zachary L. Smith, D.O.
John Sotiriadis, M.D., Ph.D.
Lisa B. VanWagner, M.D.
Kristian H. Wall, M.D.
Martin J. Wolff, M.D.
Leslie W. Yang, M.D.
David M. You, M.D.
Patrick E. Young, M.D., FACG

Committees in Action Report

Click here for a copy of the 2016 Committee Report.

Responsibilities as Stated in ACG Bylaws

This committee shall be responsible for coordinating activities, programs and outreach relating to training programs and trainee members of the College.


  1. To explore opportunities to encourage more participation of Fellows in Training in ACG.
  2. To develop meetings and educational events for trainees.
  3. To continue to update and expand the Trainees Section of the ACG website.
  4. To promote mentoring of trainees by the College’s members.