This Week – June 6, 2015

This Week in Washington, DC:

National Affairs Chair Carroll Koscheski, MD, FACG, on
“Top Five Reasons to Support the SCREEN ACT”

National Affairs - Koscheski .jpgYou may have already heard about the SCREEN ACT (S. 1079, HR 2035), new legislation introduced in April that would remove the barriers Medicare beneficiaries face when it comes to colorectal cancer and hepatitis C screening. This legislation is not only vital to addressing these two major public health challenges, but is potentially lifesaving for millions of Americans who receive health benefits under Medicare.



You (and your legislators) should support the SCREEN ACT to:

  1. Remove Financial Barriers
  2. Improve Quality
  3. Remove Emotional Barriers
  4. Streamline Care Coordination
  5. Save Lives

Read my full post for details

What You Can Do:
Urge congress to support the SCREEN Act

Share Infographic:
Medicare Beneficiaries Gain Access to Hepatitis C Info & Screening Under SCREEN Act