CDC: Data link colorectal cancer to obesity, inactivity

Overall cancer rates declined in the U.S. from 2004 to 2008, including fewer incidences of and deaths from colorectal cancer, which is credited to increased screening, the CDC reported. However, data from thousands of studies have linked obesity and lack of physical activity to higher risks of colorectal cancer. WebMD (3/28)

ACG project raises awareness of link between CRC, obesity: ACG united with the Campaign to End Obesity during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month to educate people about the link between obesity and CRC and the importance of cancer screenings for those with a high BMI. ACG President Dr. Lawrence Schiller, FACG, said diet and other modifiable risk factors could explain up to 90% of colorectal cancers, and data suggest 25% of cases could be avoided by embracing a healthy lifestyle. (3/16)