Colonoscopy bests CT in polyp detection

Computed tomography coupled with a contrast agent that shows fecal matter identified large colon polyps in 91% of patients, compared with 95% of patients who had a colonoscopy with bowel preparation, according to research by Michael Zalis and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The difference in screening methods was larger for smaller polyps. Virtual colonoscopy only found 70% of polyps less than 8 millimeters, compared with 88% found using a scope. Indiana University School of Medicine professor Dr. Douglas Rex said the advantages of colonoscopy are worth the inconvenience of bowel preparation unless a patient cannot tolerate the regimen. Bloomberg (5/14)

ACG note: Readers who are members of the ACG GI Circle are encouraged to review Dr. Rex’s full commentary on the clinical implications of the Zalis study in terms of accuracy in indentifying smaller lesions and specificity for larger polyps. The research highlighted in the article was partially funded by GE Healthcare.