Education Initiative on NSAIDs

ACG Tackles Risk of Potentially Serious GI Injury and Bleeding from NSAIDs

An ACG program to educate physicians and patients about the safe and appropriate use of pain medications focuses on the potentially serious gastrointestinal complications of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). “Understanding Ulcers, NSAIDs & GI Bleeding” clarifies for physicians and consumers alike the potentially serious complications associated with NSAIDs.

ACG is concerned that patients who regularly used COX-II agents and are now using traditional NSAIDs may have questions and are possibly unaware of potentially serious issues regarding ongoing use of NSAIDs. The goals of the ACG’s multi-faceted program are to introduce new scientific information regarding the prevention of NSAID-induced injury and GI bleeding and, most importantly, to clarify in the minds of physicians and consumers appropriate options for pain management as alternatives to the COX-II class of therapies.

Educational materials targeted to physicians, and through doctors to patients, are the cornerstone of this program, which features patient brochures and an educational slide program, among a range of other educational tools. These materials were developed under the auspices of an expert working group that included ACG physician leaders David Y. Graham, M.D., MACG, Eamonn M. M. Quigley, M.D., FACG, Frank L. Lanza, M.D., FACG, Francis K. L. Chan, M.D., FACG and Neena S. Abraham, M.D., FACG.

The NSAIDs slides on CD-ROM for physician education and patient education materials are available free of charge for use by ACG members and can be ordered through the ACG Web site through the Online Store.

The College acknowledges with thanks support from AstraZeneca LP of Wilmington, Delaware and TAP Pharmaceutical Products Inc. of Lake Forest, IL for various individual components of the NSAIDs initiative, including grants in support of printing for new educational brochures, and for their ongoing commitment to enhancing patient awareness of gastrointestinal health.