International Volunteerism Resource Center

Medical Mission Support

The International Society of Travel Medicine
This society supports research activities and education in the field of travel medicine.

Liability/Malpractice Coverage
A listing of licensing provisions and liability laws by state for senior physicians who would like to volunteer.

Health and Vaccination Information

Provides links to health and vaccination information for different countries.

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers
This non-profit organization provides information to international travelers regarding health risks, geographical distribution of diseases, immunization requirements, as well as sanitary conditions and environmental conditions worldwide.

The World Health Organization
Gives tips for vaccinations and health concerns for international traveling.

Country Demographics & Embassy Information

CIA – The World Factbook
This link provides information on many countries, such as demographics and language.

Lonely Planet
This website provides information on different countries, such as history, language and transportation advice.

U.S. Embassies
Link to a list of websites for U.S. Embassies in many countries.

International Travel Tips & Tools

Currency Convertor

Translation Tool
A search engine provided by Google that allows you to type a word or phrase in your native language and then translate it into a selected language.

Visa Requirements/Travel Warnings
From the Department of State website, this link offers a wide-variety of information and tips regarding international travel, including travel warnings and visa requirements.


Travel Medicine
By: Jay Keystone, Phyllis Kozarsky, David Freeman and Hans Nothdurft

CDC Health Information for International Travel 2008
By: Paul M. Arguin , Phyllis E. Kozarsky and Christie Reed