ACG “Playbook” for CMS Colonoscopy Cuts

Fight Medicare Colonoscopy Cuts: An Updated “Playbook” for ACG Members

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) chose to drastically cut reimbursement for colonoscopy and colorectal cancer screening.

The College has been guided by a simple credo:  ACG is committed to U.S. gastroenterologists being paid fairly and accurately for a highly skilled intervention which prevents colorectal cancer, reduces suffering, saves lives and saves money.


Our last chance at thwarting Medicare’s cuts to lifesaving colonoscopy—simple ways you can fight back:

  1. Thousands of ACG members and their patients have signed a petition to urge Congress to address these cuts. If you haven’t already, sign it. If you have signed it, then share it so others can sign it too.
    • Use this ACG paper petition signature sheet. Email or fax the petition with signatures to ACG whenever the signature sheet is filled up. Email or fax to 301-263-9025. Then just re-post another petition signature sheet for more patients to sign.
  2. Post this ACG infographic in your office. Staff and patients with smartphones can easily use this infographic to access the online petition via the the QR code
  3. Tell your Members of Congress what’s at stake. Urge them to pass the SCREEN Act (S. 1079/H.R. 2035) now. You can reach the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. This bill not only improves quality and access to colorectal cancer screening services, it is the only bill currently before the U.S. Congress that addresses Medicare reimbursement for colonoscopy.
    • Ask the office for the number to their local in-district offices. Then call these offices as well!
  4. Use this link to write your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators and urge them to support the SCREEN Act (S.1079 and H.R. 2035).
  5. Use social media and contact your member of Congress “Medicare is undercutting efforts in fight against colon cancer. Congress must pass the SCREEN Act Now!”
    • Tag “@AmCollegeGastro” so ACG can retweet

What else does the SCREEN Act do?
The SCREEN Act also removes the barriers Medicare beneficiaries face when it comes to colorectal cancer and hepatitis C screening. This legislation is not only vital to addressing these two major public health challenges, but is potentially lifesaving for millions of Americans who receive health benefits under Medicare.

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Thank You!
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Stay tuned for more updates and further calls-to-action.

Questions? Please contact:
Brad Conway
Vice President, Public Policy, Coverage & Reimbursement
American College of Gastroenterology