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2019 Junior Faculty Development Grants

The ACG Junior Faculty Development Grant supports a junior faculty member at $100,000 per year for three years, for a total of $300,000. The primary goal of this career development award of $300,000 ($100,000 per year for each of three years) is to assist promising clinical researchers to develop research and careers that have a direct bearing on clinical gastrointestinal practice. This includes assistance to a junior faculty investigator to ensure that a major portion of the investigator’s time is protected for clinical research. The Junior Faculty award provides support for junior investigators working toward independent careers in clinical research related to gastroenterology or hepatology.

To be eligible for the Junior Faculty award, applicants must be physicians who hold full-time faculty positions at a North American (U.S. or Canada) university, medical school, or other health care institution at the time of funding of the application, should it be approved. Applicants also must be members of the ACG at the time of application. This award is not intended for fellows, but for junior faculty who have demonstrated unusual promise and have some record of accomplishment in research. Established investigators are not eligible. Candidates must devote at least 50% of their effort to clinical research related to gastroenterology or hepatology.

2019 Junior Faculty Development Award Announcement (pdf)

2019 Clinical Research Awards

The American College of Gastroenterology offers Clinical Research Awards of up to $50,000 for original research in clinical gastroenterology and will consider applications for pilot projects up to $15,000 within this award category. At least one of the investigators must be an ACG member or trainee member at the time of submission of the grant proposal. Note that physicians in training (interns, residents, fellows) are eligible to apply provided that the work is conducted under the preceptorship of a more senior or experienced investigator. In order to assure diversity among recipients, no more than two Clinical Research Awards will be granted to former or current principal investigators on R01, P01, U01, VA Merit Awards or Hughes grants, or to those who hold the position of full professor at an academic institution. Awardees will be selected based on feasibility, scientific and clinical significance, originality and anticipated contribution of the research to clinical practice. Applications will also be evaluated on the availability of adequate resources, including personnel and facilities.

2019 Clinical Research Award Announcement (pdf)

2019 “Smaller Programs” Clinical Research Award

The ACG Institute will support Clinical Research Awards of up to $35,000 specifically aimed to support junior faculty at smaller GI training programs in the United States and Canada. Applicants must be members of the ACG at the time of application.

Given the College’s aims to cultivate and support excellent clinical GI research, while at the same time maintaining an ongoing commitment to fund the best science, funds under this RFA are intended to make the promise of a research career more broadly available by targeting investigators at smaller GI programs. The objective of this award is to generate excellent clinical research from a more varied group of institutions and to make this support meaningful and productive, specifically, by investing in mentoring. A requirement of the “Smaller” Programs Clinical Research Award is a clearly-defined mentoring plan, including e-mentoring, if necessary.

For the purposes of this award, “smaller” GI programs are defined as GI programs with 15 or fewer full-time faculty across the program’s sites (pediatric programs with 7 or fewer FTEs within the Pediatric department may apply).  For instance, the count for an academic medical center with faculty at a VA would include both sites. ACG will verify FTE census against a database maintained by ACGME. The number of awards will be determined by the ACG Research Committee.

2019 “Smaller Programs” Clinical Award Announcement (pdf)

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