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Poster P212:  Olmesartan-Associated Spruelike Enteropathy

Justin Hartke
Justin Hartke, MD

Poster Presentation: Sunday, Oct 19, 3:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Author Insight From Justin Hartke, MD, University of Virginia

What’s new here and important for clinicians?
As previously reported, in patients with unexplained spruelike enteropathy, defined as seronegative duodenal villous atrophy refractory to gluten-free diet, clinicians must consider olmesartan as a potential etiology. In addition, given rapid resolution of symptoms following discontinuation of olmesartan, clinicians should consider an alternative anti-hypertensive therapy prior to costly work-up or immunosuppressive therapy.

What do patients need to know?
Patients need to know potential side effects of olmesartan and that gastrointestinal symptoms may not occur until years after initiation of therapy.

Author Contact:

Justin Hartke, MD, University of Virginia

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