Carroll D. Koscheski, MD, FACG
Carroll D. Koscheski, MD, FACG

Thank you ACG members!

ACG and the GI societies have been extremely active on Capitol Hill, urging members of Congress to help fight proposed cuts to colonoscopy.  ACG members reached out to hundreds of congressional offices via email and phone over these past two weeks.  In addition, we have secured nearly 7,000 signatures on the ACG online and paper petitions opposing these cuts.

We used this petition in reaching out to congressional offices, in order to show how many constituents in your state oppose these cuts.   Your taking time out of your busy schedules to advocate on behalf of clinical GI and patients is greatly appreciated.

Many in Congress agreed to sign the Dear Colleague letters in the U.S. House and Senate only after hearing from you as the substantive experts and constituents.  You may still urge your members to sign these letters.

Call now– to make a last ditched (but vital) effort while staff are collecting signatures!

Follow this link for information on how to contact your legislators.

ACG, the GI societies, patient advocacy groups, and many in Congress are actively working together to raise colorectal cancer screening rates in the Medicare population.  ACG will continue to update you on the status of the letter, and will keep you informed on how you can help put a stop to these illogical cuts to colonoscopy, at a time when the United States is finally making progress in lowering colorectal cancer incidence and death rates.

Caroll Koscheski, MD, FACG

ACG National Affairs Committee Chair