Noor Hasaon
Noor Hasaon

Poster 851 Assessment of Nutritional Knowledge in High School Students: A Survey Study

Author Insight from Noor A. Hason, Texas Clinical Research Institute

What’s new here and important for clinicians?

The results of this study highlight the alarming deficit in knowledge of basic nutrition and risk factors of colorectal cancer from students enrolled in a private high school. This is especially concerning when bearing in mind that students in the high school age group may continue on to college, and will soon be making most of their nutrition choices without any guidance. A larger study should be done across a population of students from various socioeconomic backgrounds to see how lack of health education can lead to poor, life-long nutritional habits being formed.

What do patients need to know?

Patients and parents of young children should know that health and nutritional education are not a required part of middle school or high school. They should be aware that their child might not be informed of proper dietary habits from the conventional education curriculum. So outside of school, proper diet and exercise habits need to be reinforced.

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Author Contact Author Insight from Noor A. Hason, Texas Clinical Research Institute

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