Women in GI Bhogal and Bien bannerHarjit Bhogal, MD and Angela Bien, MD: Two Recent GI Graduates with Three Different Private Practice Experiences

An interview by Jill Gaidos, MD, FACG

Dr. Jill Gaidos, who chairs the College’s Committee on Women in Gastroenterology, continues her series of interviews with female gastroenterologists.  Her “Conversations with Women in GI” showcases their careers, their accomplishments and their approaches to clinical medicine.

In the latest installment in the series, Dr. Gaidos interviews two recent GI graduates, Dr. Bhogal and Dr. Bien, on how they transitioned into private practice.

 “It is definitely, in a lot of ways, a lot busier than fellowship. Working for a large organization has its positives and negatives. One of the negatives is a lack of control over my schedule. Also, the work is never done, so to speak.” — Dr. Angela Bien

“…at the time I joined my practice, I was the only female gastroenterologist in private practice in this area.” — Dr. Harjit Bhogal

In this insightful conversation, both Dr. Bhogal and Dr. Bien share how they found their jobs, navigated their contracts and adjusted to life as private GI practitioners..

Read Dr. Gaidos’ full interview with Dr. Bhogal and Dr. Bien


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