Women in GI Gaidos Moshiree Dec 2016Baharak “Baha” Moshiree, MD, MSCI, on a Clinical and Research Career in GI Motility

An Interview with Jill Gaidos, MD, FACG

Dr. Baharak Moshiree of the University of Miami reflects on her interest in GI dysmotility and functional bowel diseases, as well as her training and the trajectory of her academic career.  A highlight of the conversation is her experience on medical missions to Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic and Haiti, including traveling on a medical mission with her father, a pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL.

Dr. Moshiree also shares insights and advice to fellows-in-training considering their options in GI.

“For our fellows, it usually takes them to the second year, by the mid-second year they start to realize either they want to do motility or they do not. But they have to be exposed… It is once they do clinic that they get to see we really can impact their lives and reach a diagnosis that the patient will be satisfied with.”

— Dr. Baharak Moshiree

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