Hepatitis C Highlights from EASL 2017

A new webcast with Rajender K. Reddy, MD, FACG, and Jasmohan Bajaj, MD, FACG, on behalf of the American College of Gastroenterology


Dr. Raj Reddy of the University of Pennsylvania and and Dr. Jas Bajaj of Virginia Commonwealth University were invited by the ACG to review noteworthy abstracts from the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) International Liver Congress meeting in Amsterdam.

Dr. Reddy and Dr. Bajaj collaborated with ACG and IC-HEP on this informative webcast that offers their perspective on research findings covering diverse clinical challenges in HCV treatment and highlights of data from EASL abstracts of note for U.S. gastroenterologists.

The College endorsed this educational program which was produced by the International Coalition of Hepatology Education Providers (IC-HEP), a global collaboration of leading educational providers that is dedicated to providing healthcare providers the most current information and clinically meaningful education on hepatitis, with special focus on chronic hepatitis C. IC-HEP is supported by AbbVie and Gilead Sciences. ic-hep.com

Access the EASL 2017 Webcast