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Shannon Morales, MD, MBA
Shannon Morales, MD, MBA

P1240 Hot Versus Cold Snare Polypectomy Technique: Trends From the New Hampshire Colonoscopy Registry

Author Insight from Shannon Morales, MD, MBA, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

What’s new and important here?

Our goal with this project was to present an accurate reflection of how endoscopists currently practice gastroenterology and how they approach snare polypectomy. The New Hampshire Colonoscopy Registry captures data from colonoscopies performed by a large number of endoscopists, including those who are gastroenterology fellowship-trained and non-fellowship trained, and those from both academic centers and private practices. While most prior data regarding polypectomy technique is based on survey responses, our registry is unique in that it provides prospectively gathered data amassed over more than a decade.

In our current analysis, we identified some interesting trends, including an overall drift toward more frequent use of the cold snare technique over time for all sizes of polyps. In addition, we found that younger endoscopists, those who have been through formal gastroenterology fellowship training, and endoscopists with higher adenoma detection rates are more likely to use the cold snare technique.

This is valuable information that allows us to both better interpret outcome data from our colonoscopies and understand how quickly practices change as a result of new studies and new practice guidelines.

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Shannon Morales, MD, MBA, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

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