As you may be aware, earlier this year the GI societies were beginning to work with ABIM on exploring a new pathway for GI recertification. Our work was suspended when ABIM announced the creation of a new longitudinal assessment option for maintenance of certification across all specialties.

GI society leaders are in touch with ABIM. Here’s an update on what we know:

The ABIM Board of Directors committed to evolve its program to
provide a longitudinal assessment option for Maintenance of Certification (MOC), offering a self-paced pathway for physicians to acquire and demonstrate ongoing knowledge. The traditional, long-form assessment will also remain an option, as some physicians have expressed a preference for a point-in-time exam taken less frequently.

Our next steps include seeking clarity from ABIM including:

1. The milestones in the process to create the new pathway.

2. When the new pathway will be available to diplomates.

3. Consideration and integration of the GI societies’ principles in the development of the new pathway for recertification, including

  •  MOC needs to be simpler, less intrusive and less expensive.
  • We continue to support alternatives to the high-stakes, every-10-year recertification exam.
  • We do not support single source or time-limited assessments, as they do not represent the current realities of medicine in the digital age.
  • We support the concept that, for the many diplomates who specialize within certain areas of gastroenterology and hepatology, MOC should not include high-stakes assessments of areas in which the diplomate may not practice.
  • We support the principles of lifelong learning, as evidenced by ongoing CME activities, rather than lifelong testing.

4. The role the GI societies, as representatives for thousands of U.S. members who are ABIM diplomates, play in the creation and implementation of the new pathway.

AASLD, ACG, AGA and ASGE want to be fully informed and fully respected partners in an endeavor that touches upon one of the toughest challenges facing our members and the single issue we hear about most often requesting our help.

We will continue to update our members as we learn the answers to these questions from ABIM.

Together, our first priority on the MOC issue remains ensuring that GI diplomates have a pathway for recertification that meets your needs.