ACG Public Policy Update:
Jan. 2022 Update on Colorectal Cancer Screening Cost Sharing

Federal government January 10, 2022 guidance addresses Cost Sharing for Colonoscopy under commercial plans regulated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Yesterday the federal government released updated guidance for commercial insurers regulated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The guidance requires insurers to cover, at no cost, approved home-based COVID-19 tests. The guidance also provides an important update on preventive services covered under the ACA, including colorectal cancer screening.

Update on Colorectal Cancer Screening Cost Sharing

The guidance also requires insurers to remove patient cost-sharing for the necessary diagnostic colonoscopy subsequent to a positive colorectal cancer screening test, consistent with the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendations, beginning May 31, 2022.

Evidence-Based Advocacy: Thank You, ACG Leaders

ACG Immediate Past President David Greenwald, MD, FACG, and the ACG Board of Governors—led by Patrick Young, MD, FACG, and Dayna Early, MD, FACG—urged for this change and to remove cost-sharing through the continuum of colorectal cancer screening and surveillance programs. ACG leadership met with HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra’s office in August 2021, as well as federal agencies overseeing ACA insurance coverage rules, various times throughout 2021, urging for this change. ACG leadership highlighted the March 2021 update to the ACG guidelines on colorectal cancer screening, specifically noting that public health efforts are necessary to reduce disparities of care in colorectal cancer screening.

Thank you, ACG leadership, for your successful advocacy efforts on behalf of patients and clinical gastroenterology.