About the Position:

Social media has permanently transformed how gastroenterologists communicate, learn, and stay abreast of the latest science in our field. To grow the footprint of AJG while acknowledging the dynamic changes in digital communication, the Editorial Board of AJG is excited to announce a new position for a highly-skilled, creative, and forward-thinking gastroenterologist or hepatologist with a unique skill set.

The AJG Social Media Editor will have two key responsibilities that fall under the rubric of digital communication and visualization. First, the Editor will launch a new set of social media accounts dedicated to AJG, focusing initially on Twitter with other platforms to follow. The Editor will oversee content curation, postings, and data visualizations within AJG social media accounts to highlight new science emerging from the Journal.

Second, the Editor will oversee the development and drafting of “visual abstracts” within the Journal itself. Visual abstracts are designed to quickly and efficiently demonstrate the results of a study and are used to complement traditional text abstracts. These visual abstracts will be presented in the Journal pages and also distributed through AJG social media platforms to both GI practitioners and the public at large.

The successful applicant will be social media savvy, skilled in concise yet persuasive writing, and excellent at communicating scientific findings in visual form.

The Specifics:
  • Open to board-certified gastroenterologists, recent fellowship graduates are welcome to apply.
  • AJG requests a 2-year commitment with the opportunity to renew with good performance.
  • The ideal candidate is someone who can interpret and visually communicate science to both the GI community and the general public.
  • An annual stipend will be provided for the position.

Please submit the following to apply:
  • Your CV
  • A short personal statement of 500 words or fewer about why you would like to fill this position.
  • Names of 2 professional references we can contact if you become a finalist.
  • Links to your public Twitter and professional social media feeds.
  • Example visual abstracts for 2 recent papers using our template here: https://webfiles.gi.org/docs/journals/ajg/ajg_visual_abstract_template.pptx
  • Example social media posts for 2 recent papers (Twitter posts required; LinkedIn and Facebook optional).

Please complete this application online by July 10, 2020. Do not email or send your application through postal service. All applicants will be notified of the final outcome in August 2020.