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Shahroz Fatima, MD
Shahroz Fatima, MD

Poster D0614 – Prior Bariatric Surgery and Labor/Delivery and Pregnancy Complications
Tuesday, October 25, 2022 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET | Location: Crown Ballroom

Author Insight from Shahroz Fatima, MD, NYU Langone

What’s new here and important for clinicians?
Our study sheds light on the effects of bariatric surgery on pregnancy and labor and delivery outcomes, a topic that is coming to the forefront as bariatric surgery is becoming more common. Although there is a known correlation between bariatric surgery and nutritional deficiencies in pregnancy, there was a scarcity of information regarding its effects on various other common pregnancy as labor and delivery (L&D) outcomes. By using a large dataset we are able to ascertain that there is a decreased risk of many common metabolic disorders including hypertension, preeclampsia, and diabetes when compared to obese women. However there is also increased risk of mental health disorders, spontaneous abortions, ectopic pregnancy, hyperemesis, and thromboembolic complications in pregnancy. Additionally, they are at higher risk of L&D complications including need for C-section, breech delivery, fetal distress, anesthesia complication, infection, and placenta previa. Furthermore their cost and length of stay will also be significantly higher.

What do patients need to know?
For patients who have had bariatric surgery and wish to conceive as well as those considering pursuing bariatric surgery in hopes of increased fertility, it is important to discuss pregnancy and labor and delivery risks with the OB/Gyn and be followed more closely for complications. Although bariatric surgery can reduce the risk of some common pregnancy conditions it does place the mother and baby at risk for mental health disorders, clotting, vomiting, and abortions during pregnancy. They are also at higher risk of labor and delivery complications including C-section and breech delivery, fetal distress, anesthesia and placental complications, and infection.

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Shahroz Fatima, MD, NYU Langone
Shahroz.fatima [at] nyulangone.org

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