Wealth Management Strategies

New Member Benefits Offer Security,
Peace-of-Mind—Planning for Your Best Future

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffett

The College is excited to announce the launching of new ACG Member Benefits in 2017. We recognize the ever-changing needs of members and we are constantly striving to bring you value as a member of the College – not only in the area of clinical research, education, and practice management, but in all areas that affect your practice and your lives. The College has partnered with Wealth Management Strategies to identify, design, and secure unique benefits for ACG members in the areas of retirement, planning, investments, and insurance. These benefits have been designed and negotiated specifically for ACG members.

Whether you are planning for a comfortable retirement or planning should the worst happen, the important thing is to plan. To help navigate your path and facilitate your efforts, the College is proud to offer a suite of options to help you prepare. Provided by Wealth Management Strategies, these new member benefits offer you security and peace-of-mind for you and your family’s future.