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With more than 16,000 members, the American College of Gastroenterology is the leading medical organization for GI clinicians who are on the front lines of delivering patient care. Through the ACG Institute for Clinical Research and Education, the College further meets the goal of supporting and transforming clinical gastroenterology through clinical research awards, junior faculty development awards, disease state-focused education programs, and so much more.

Throughout the year, ACG members are engaged in multiple ways, thereby offering many opportunities for sponsorship and support. The ACG Annual Scientific Meeting & Postgraduate Course, held each October, is the largest gathering and provides the best way to engage with ACG members. Confirmed exhibitors at the annual meeting are offered further opportunities for engagement through the numerous ACG and ACG Institute educational and outreach programs that occur online and in person. Programs the occur outside of the Annual Meeting can also be supported in various ways, such as medical education grants and commercial sponsorships. Programs of the ACG Institute are made possible through the G.U.T. Fund. Major donors to the G.U.T. Fund are provided recognition opportunities at the Annual Meeting and through programs supported by donations.

If you have any questions about support and sponsorship opportunities, please contact ACG.

Exhibits & Event Related Marketing


ACG Exhibit Hall Statistics

Annual Scientific Meeting & Postgraduate Course

ACG is a recognized leader in educating GI professionals and the general public about digestive disorders and our Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course is considered the premier GI clinical conference of the year. Our meeting offers GI physicians the opportunity to network with peers, share experiences from their practices, learn the latest clinical information on key GI topics, and see the latest advances in gastrointestinal technology and therapeutics throughout the Exhibit Hall.

Approximately 5,000 GI physicians and over 300 Allied Health clinicians typically attend the ACG Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course each year, making it a must-attend opportunity for your company.

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THE ANNUAL MEETING WAS EXCELLENT! We love partnering with ACG and look forward to many years of joint success.

ACG Sponsor

ACG offers hundreds of sponsorship opportunities each year to enhance the promotion of your products and services:

Educational Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships

Digital Sponsorships

Print Sponsorships

On-site Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many different opportunities for your company to get involved with the ACG Annual Scientific Meeting & Postgraduate Course. Click here for a complete listing.

Hands-On Endoscopy Workshop

The Hands-On Endoscopy Workshop at the ACG Annual Meeting encompasses more than 8,500 square feet and consists of more than 20 training stations and more than 40 separate scheduled training opportunities. More than 700 clinicians participate each year. It features the newest technologies from leading device manufacturers and enables participants to use new equipment while being trained by nationally recognized leading endoscopists. Opportunities to participate in the Hands-On typically reach capacity the moment reservations become available. Each year, on average, more than 400 attendees participate in at least one session offered in the Hands-On Workshop Center.

Hands-On Endoscopy Workshop

Hands-On Workshops are also offered at ACG’s four regional courses annually and at the 2nd Year Fellows Course. The regional and 2nd Year Fellows Hands-On programs offer 8 or 9 training stations.


Regional Courses Year-Round

It has become increasingly difficult to meet with physicians in their offices; let ACG’s Regional Postgraduate Courses help facilitate this process by offering an opportunity for your sales representatives to meet and greet with physicians in their area. Our meeting locations draw attendees from the region as well as from across the U.S. In addition, our regional courses provide the opportunity to continue your outreach developed at ACG’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are available at each course. Courses include:

  • ACG Governors/ASGE Best Practices Course
  • ACG Western Regional Postgraduate Course
  • ACG Eastern Regional Postgraduate Course
  • ACG Midwest Regional Postgraduate Course
  • ACG Southern Regional Postgraduate Course

In addition, ACG offers several courses in conjunction with GI state societies, including:

ACG/FGS Annual Spring Symposium (Florida Gastroenterologic Society)
ACG/LGS Postgraduate Course (Louisiana Gastroenterology Society)
ACG/VGS/ODSGNA Regional Postgraduate Course (Virginia Gastroenterological Society & Old Dominion Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates)

Opportunities include:

  • Tabletop exhibit space
  • Sponsored symposia programming
  • Meeting App Banner Advertising
  • Lanyards
  • Registration Bags
  • And more!

There are many opportunities for your company to get involved with the ACG Regional Postgraduate Courses. Click here for a complete prospectus.

Charitable Support of the ACG Institute

Why I Give

I support the GUT fund because I believe in science, and the ability of impactful clinical research to change the paradigm of care for our patients. I support the GUT fund because I understand the importance of grooming the next generation of leaders in Gastroenterology and Clinical Science. Having been the beneficiary of research awards and leadership training from the ACG Institute, I pay it forward. Join me in supporting game-changing science and leadership development to better serve our patients, our membership, and our field.

Neena S. Abraham, MD, MSc (Epid), FACG


Philanthropic Support

An ongoing fundraising campaign, The G.U.T. Fund—Grow, Uplift, Transform—provides the resources to take GI into the future, blazing new paths for science, clinical practice, and education for physicians, their staffs, and patients.

The G.U.T. Fund Logo

Supporters of the G.U.T. Fund who make leadership-level contributions receive significant recognition and visibility tailored to their needs and interests, solidifying their position as a pillar in clinical GI treatment, education, and research. Education, leadership, clinical research, and visiting professor programs are among those made possible through support of the G.U.T. Fund.

Contact ACG staff to discuss leadership support of the G.U.T. Fund and ways to help transform the future of GI.


ACG offers single-day, regionally focused, disease state specific “schools” that provide the most up to date and current information on treatment and clinical care. These programs are held in conjunction with the ACG Regional Postgraduate Courses and are offered on a rotating schedule. Course content is tailored to meet the needs of clinical practitioners—both physicians and their advanced practice professional colleagues. Participants take away an enhanced ability treat disease states and to care for more patients in their practice or at their institution. Course content is constantly updated to reflect changes and new developments.

Course Attendees

IBD School

Hepatology School

Functional GI School

Endoscopy School



ACG Center for Clinical GI Leadership, Ethics, and Equity

To address the urgent need for leadership training, equitable delivery of care, and ethically based decision making, the ACG and the ACG Institute have created a core program that is focused on these goals. The ACG Center for Clinical GI Leadership, Ethics, and Equity (The Center) is a project of the ACG Institute that houses a suite of training programs and activities focused on providing transformational tools and experiences. Programs housed under The Center are listed below and further explanation is provided and indicated by .

Young Physicians (YPSLP) Group

Education and Leadership Programs (CME and non-CME)


2020 Research Support Statistics

Since the founding of the ACG Institute in 1994, funding has been provided to more than 660 investigators, totaling more than $22.4 million for research directly relating to the practice of clinical gastroenterology. Looking ahead, the ACG Institute’s continued investment in career development awards and funding for GI fellows-in-training will foster clinical innovations in gastroenterology and hepatology that will improve patient care and strengthen the capabilities of practitioners. The College is proud of the achievements of its funded investigators and plans to invest more fully in their leadership and success.

Junior Faculty Development Awards

Clinical Research Award

Clinical Research Award Pilot Projects

ACG Health Equity Research Award

Mid-Career / Bridge Clinical Research Awards

Resident Clinical Research Award

Medical Student Research Award


ACG Edgar Achkar Visiting Professorships

ACG Visiting Scholar in Equity, Diversity & Ethical Care


ACG Young Physician Leadership Scholars Program

ACG Advanced Leadership Development Program

Bridging the Leadership Gap / Women in GI Forum


ACG Prescription for Success High School Seminar and Scholarship


IBD 101 – A Primer for First-Year GI Fellows

North American Conference of GI Fellows (NACGF)

2nd Year Fellows Course

Training Pathway


ACG GI Circle Hepatology Circle IBD Circle Functional GI Health & Nutrition Circle Women in GI Circle


Gastroenterology Monographs

Guideline Pocket Guides and Related Collateral


Tool Kits for GI Clinicians


Virtual Grand Rounds

ACG Education Universe

ACG Therapeutic-Specific Branded Website

Patient Education


IBS Health Center

The ACG website,, is visited by millions of viewers each year. As part of patient education efforts, ACG created several GI Health Centers on the topics of Colorectal Cancer, Hepatitis C, IBD, IBS, and Obesity. These comprehensive online portals provide patient information such as podcasts, information patients should know, treatment options, and much more. ACG plans to expand to additional health topics.

Practice Management


Practice Management Toolbox

The Toolbox is an online series of short articles, written by practicing gastroenterologists, that provide members with easily accessible information to improve their practices. Each article covers an issue important to private practice gastroenterologists and physician-lead clinical practices. They include a brief introduction, a topic overview, specific suggestions, helpful examples and a list of resources or references. Each month a new edition of the Toolbox will be released and will then remain available along with all previous editions.

Practice Management Toolbox