District GI Society

There is currently no active GI society in the District. Want to start one? Contact ACG.

District Medical Society

Medical Society of the District of Columbia
Staff Name: Pia Duryea
1250 23rd Street NW, Suite 270
Washington, DC 20037

Phone: 202-355-9414
E-mail: duryea@msdc.org
Website: www.msdc.org

Legislative Alerts

There is currently no legislative alert for the District of Columbia. If you are aware of any legislative items, please bring them to the attention of the College by emailing your Governor below or emailing the ACG Staff.

For information on national legislative alerts impacting GI, please click here.

ACG Governor

Governor for District of Columbia
Aline Charabaty, MD, FACG
Term Ending: 2024
Phone: 202-660-5500