State GI Society

New York Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Managing Director: Jennifer Stevens
1461 First Ave. Suite 324
New York, NY 10075-2201

Phone: 646-218-0650
Fax: 866-381-7288

State Medical Society

Medical Society of the State of New York
Staff Name: Kathleen Rohrer
865 Merrick Avenue
Westbury, NY 11590

Phone: 516-488-6100

Legislative Alerts

There is currently no legislative alert for the state of New York. If you are aware of any legislative items, please bring them to the attention of the College by emailing your Governor below or emailing the ACG Staff.

For information on national legislative alerts impacting GI, please click here.

ACG Governors


Governor for New York – Brooklyn
(zip codes 11200 – 11299)

Pierre Hindy, MD, FACG
Term Ending: 2024
P: 718-336-3900

Governor for New York – Long Island
(zip codes 11000 – 11199 and 11300 – 11999)

Frank G. Gress, MD, MACG
Term Expires: 2025
P: 516-992-5626

Governor for New York – Manhattan
(zip codes 09000 – 10299)

Bruce E. Sands, MD, FACG
Term Ending: 2026
P: 212-241-6744

Governor for New York – Northern New York
(zip codes 12000 – 14999)

Shivangi T. Kothari, MD, FACG
Term Expires: 2025
P: 585-275-4711

Governor for New York – Southern New York
(zip codes 10300 – 10999)

Thomas A. Ullman, MD, FACG
Term Expires: 2025
P: 347-671-8211