Research and Awards

The goals of the ACG Clinical Research Program are to strengthen the capabilities of clinical gastrointestinal specialists, to advance patient care, and to promote digestive health. The College, under the auspices of the ACG Institute for Clinical Research & Education, supports clinical gastroenterology research and career development awards. The ACG Institute’s track record of support for 626 investigators, totaling just over $19.9 million, is clear evidence of a commitment to protecting time for clinical research and cultivating the capabilities of talented investigators whose work advances understanding and treatment of digestive diseases. Currently, the ACG Institute underwrites over a million dollars annually to investigators conducting innovative patient-care oriented research.

Recognition of the professional accomplishments and many significant contributions of our members to the life of the College is a vital part of ACG’s mission. Each year, the College sponsors numerous awards, both to acknowledge and reward excellence and leadership in clinical gastroenterology, and to expand opportunities for training in the United States and abroad. The ACG Awards Committee solicits recommendations from the membership each year for all awards, and based on those nominations develops its recommendations which are approved by the ACG Board of Trustees.