Awards Brochure

Over the last 82 years, the American College of Gastroenterology has developed a comprehensive program to acknowledge contributions made to the College and to GI patient care by outstanding individuals. Both the College’s Awards program and its special invited lectureships serve to recognize some of the leaders in the field of clinical gastroenterology.

For the most part, past and current awardees and special lecturers have made significant and lasting contributions to the profession of gastroenterology, as well as contributions to the quality of patient care that is available to persons afflicted with various GI conditions. Continuing a tradition started in 1993, all of our awardees will be recognized during events on Saturday and Monday evenings.

The Awards Committee solicits recommendations from the ACG membership for all awards. In May, the Awards Committee meets and develops its recommendations based upon those nominations and other recommendations that are received. In turn, the recommendations of the Awards Committee are discussed and acted upon by the ACG’s Board of Trustees. Similarly, invited guest lecturers are suggested by the President and the Director(s) of the Annual Postgraduate Course. The prospective nominees are evaluated both by the Educational Affairs Committee, and subsequently, by the entire Board of Trustees. The appreciation and admiration of one’s peers is one of life’s finest honors, and the caliber of the awardees and special guest lecturers that have been selected each year certainly reflects the highest level of quality in the GI field.

The Awards Brochure will serve to generate both a fuller awareness and appreciation by all ACG members of the contributions made by each of our awardees and lecturers. We hope you will join with the College’s Board and Officers, and the countless GI patients who have benefited from their service, in offering a hearty congratulations and thank you to this year’s honorees, whose careers and contributions are highlighted in the brochure below.

Click here to view the 2017 Awardees and Special Lecturers Brochure.