Below are the names of all peer reviewers for the ACG Journals for 2022. If you completed a peer review and your name is not on this list, please accept our apology for this unintentional omission. The Editors owe a great debt of gratitude to all peer reviewers for the growing success of the journals.

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The American Journal of Gastroenterology

Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology

ACG Case Reports Journal

Journals Reviewer Registration

Information for Reviewers

Considering a Reviewer Invitation

Reviewer invitations are sent out by email from the Editorial Manager (EM) system. The invitation includes information about the title and abstract of the manuscript and an indication of the time frame in which we would like to receive the review. After agreeing to review the paper, the reviewer has access to the entire manuscript excluding the title page and identifying information. We encourage reviewers to contact the editorial office at any time if they require additional information or assistance.

Once you receive an invitation from the journal, look to see if the article matches your area of expertise. Only accept if you feel you can provide a high-quality review.

Do you have a potential conflict of interest? Disclose this to the editor when you respond.

Do you have time? Reviewing can be a lot of work – before you commit, make sure you can meet the deadline.

Reviewers should keep manuscripts and the information they contain strictly confidential. Reviewers must not publicly discuss authors’ work and must not appropriate authors’ ideas before the manuscript is published.

Reviewers must not retain the manuscript for their personal use and should destroy/delete copies of manuscripts after submitting their reviews.

Reviewers who seek assistance from a trainee or colleague in the performance of a review should acknowledge these individuals’ contributions in the written comments submitted to the editor. These individuals must maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript as outlined above. See below for recognizing a co-reviewer with the journal.

Reviewers are expected to respond promptly to requests to review and to submit reviews within the time agreed. Reviewers’ comments should be constructive, honest, and polite.

If reviewers suspect misconduct, they should write in confidence to the editor.

Adhere to the standards of ethical peer review as set out in the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Guidelines.

Declining a Review Invitation

If you are unable to review a paper for the Journal, we very much appreciate suggestions for alternate reviewers who would be equally qualified to evaluate the paper. As you make these suggestions, we especially ask that you keep diversity—gender, career stage, and geography—in mind, as the ACG is committed to promoting diversity and engaging the scientific community as broadly as possible.

Tips on Accessing the Manuscript and Submitting your Review

When logging onto the Journal EM submission system, enter your username and password and click on the ‘Reviewer Login’ button. In most cases, pressing the ‘Enter’ key will log you in by default as an author—in ‘Author’ mode, the EM website will not display the manuscripts you are invited to review. If you are logged in as an Author, you can change your role on the drop down menu at the top of the EM page.

EM conducts all communication via e-mail. Therefore, when you register for the first time (as author or reviewer), or when you move your lab to a new institution, please double check the EM website to make sure that your e-mail address is updated and correct.

After you have saved your comments online, be sure to hit the ‘Proceed’ button to ensure that they are sent to the editorial office.

Several functions of the EM website (including the ability to download revised manuscripts) are blocked by most pop-up blockers, so those pop-up blockers should be turned off while you are using EM.

If you have difficulty in using the blue link (at the top of the relevant page in the PDF) to download the high-resolution version of a figure, try holding down the Shift key while clicking on the link.

The EM website preserves reviewer anonymity. Your identity as a referee is only revealed to you and the editors; it is not displayed to anyone else (e.g., other reviewers or authors).

If you are concerned that your username or password is too idiosyncratic to remember easily or that it is too simple to provide adequate security, please feel free to change either or both of them. If you have difficulty in doing so, please contact the editorial offices, and we will be glad to do it for you.

The EM website does not yet have the capacity to incorporate images or symbols into the body of a review.

Register to be an ACG Peer Reviewer

Click here to register to be a peer reviewer. Reviewers are matched to manuscripts by classification listed on the form.

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Aziz Aadam
Mohannad Abou Saleh
Yasuhiko Abe
Marwan Abougergi
Maria Abreu
Elizabeth Aby
Samuel Adegbola
Ayooluwatomiwa Adekunle
Jeremy Adler
Elham Afghani
Manik Aggarwal
Manasi Agrawal
Omer Ahmad
Jana Al Hashash
Turki Alameel
James Alexander
Tarik Alhmoud
Sabina Ali
Mustafa Al-Karaghouli
Motasem Alkhayyat
Naim Alkhouri
Felicia Allard
Jessica Allegretti
Kenneth Allen
Christopher Almario
Marina Aloi
David Alpers
Osama Altayar
Amedeo Amedei
Waseem Amjad
Jihyun An
Ashwin Ananthakrishanan
Dana Andersen
Joseph Anderson
Annie Anderson
Samuel Antwi
Roni Aoun
Henry Appelman
Andrew Aronsohn
Marianna Arvanitakis
Hossam Ashour
Sumeet Asrani
Ganesh Aswath
Rajeev Attam
Renata Auricchio
Christina Awad
Jordan Axelrad
Fares Ayoub
Muhammad Aziz
Dale Bachwich
Dilhana Badurdeen
Xue-Wei Bai
Anna Baiges
Vincent Bain
Athanasios-Dimitrios Bakasis
Lukas Balsiger
Kuntal Banerjee
Heike Bantel
Kassem Barada
Brigida Barberio
Edward Barnes
A. Sidney Barritt Iv
Ramon Bataller
Robert Battat
Simone Bayer
Ian Beales
Andreas Benesic
Andreas Benesic
Charles N Bernstein
David Bernstein
Annalisa Berzigotti
Maite Betes
Andrea Betesh
Adil Bharucha
Mamatha Bhat
Talal Bhatti
Furqan Bhullar
Abhishek Bhurwal
Klaus Bielefeldt
Rebecca Birch
Krystle Bittner
Einar Bjornsson
Christopher Black
Roel Bogie
Justin Boike
Doron Boltin
Herbert Bonkovsky
Nicole Boschuetz
Mayur Brahmania
Bhaumik Brahmbhatt
Albert Bredenoord
Erica Brenner
Darren Brenner
Elizabeth Brindise
Eduard Brunet
Hartman Brunt
Elizabeth Brunt
Johan Burisch
Carol Burke
Irene Cacciola
Sergio Cadoni
Qiang Cai
Jie Cai
Freddy Caldera
Guilherme Cançado
Gabriele Capurso
William Carey
Neil Carleton
Amanda Cartee
María José Casanova
Brooks Cash
Fabiana Castiglione
Carlo Catassi
Giulia Martina Cavestro
Melis Celdir
Juliana Cerqueira
Kristina Chacko
Walter Chan
Andrew Chan
Saurabh Chandan
Joy Chang
Bianca Chang
Christopher Chang
Nicolas Chapelle
Aline Charabaty
Paris Charilaou
Norberto Chavez-Tapia
Vincent Chen
Vincent Chen
Joan Chen
En Cheng
Michael Chiorean
Amit Chitnis
Won-Tak Choi
Yash Choksi
Britt Christensen
Bruno Chumpitazi
Waihong Chung
Megan Clarke
Steven Clayton
Shayna Coburn
Don Codipilly
Greg Cohen
Stephen Congly
Juan Corral
Enrique Coss-Adame
Brian Cox
Walter Coyle
Antonio Craxì
Kate Townsend Creasy
Seth Crockett
Raymond Cross
Joaquin Cubiella Fernandez
Wilson Da Costa, Jr.
Elton Dajti
Rahul Dalal
Robin Dalal
Jérémy Dana
Karen Danielsen
Koushik Das
Lukejohn Day
Leonardo De Fonseca
Roberto De Giorgio
Daniel De La Iglesia-Garcia
Jose Debes
Edward Dee
Andrew Delemos
Evan Dellon
Tusar Desai
Madhav Desai
Sasha Deutsch-Link
Kalpit Devani
Antonio Di Sabatino
Luis Antonio Díaz
John Dibaise
Saam Dilmaghani
M Dinani
Roupen Djinbachian
Maria Donato
Jeffrey Donowitz
Michael Dougherty
Jonathan Dranoff
Erwin Dreesen
Andres Duarte-Rojo
Marla Dubinsky
Parambir Dulai
Francois Durand
Carol Durno
Tracy Ediger
Cumali Efe
Matthew Egberg
Eli Ehrenpreis
Murray Ehrinpreis
Bara El Kurdi
Alaa El-Hussuna
Grace Elta
Mohamed Eltorki
Swathi Eluri
Pınar Engin Zerk
Sharon Erdrich
Gianluca Esposito
Francesco Facchinetti
Keeley Fairbrass
Gary Falk
Mahdi Fallah
Carlo Fallone
Jian Fan
Ronnie Fass
Hala Fatima
Adam Faye
Linda A. Feagins
Marc Fenster
Giovanna Ferraioli
Giuseppe Ferrandino
Michael Fitzpatrick
Geoffrey Forbes
Arnold Forlemu
Mark Fox
Rena Fox
Ruggiero Francavilla
Marzio Frazzoni
Todd Frederick
Daniel Freedberg
Neal Freedman
Shusei Fukunaga
Brian Fung
James Fung
Shinya Furukawa
Scott Gabbard
Ranko Gacesa
Juan Gallegos-Orozco
Timothy Gardner
Shashank Garg
Phillip Ge
Ziad Gellad
Joan Genesca
Robert Genta
Marcel Ghanim
Matteo Ghisa
Edoardo Giannini
Pere Ginès
Kerri Glassner
Nick Goelen
David Goldberg
Dibson Gondim
Stevan Gonzalez
Humberto Gonzalez
James R. Gossage
Lester Gottesman
Corinne Gower
Hemant Goyal
Alessandro Granito
Lafaine Grant
Meagan Gray
Martin Gregory
Frank Gress
Thomas Greuter
Ruby Greywoode
Ivica Grgurevic
Anne Griffiths
Madhusudan Grover
Phillip Gu
Stefano Guandalini
John Gubatan
Xingyi Guo
Tae-Geun Gweon
Emma Halmos
Tsuyoshi Hamada
Matthew Hamilton
Eugene Han
Lucinda Harris
David Hass
Bill Hazelton
Lei He
Julian Hercun
Hans Herfarth
Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez-Guerra
Takuma Higurashi
Cecilia J. Hillard
Ikuo Hirano
Girish Hiremath
Margaret Hitchcock
Michael Hoffmeister
Sara Horst
Lesley Houghton
Colin Howden
John Hsiang
Sen-Yung Hsieh
Sen-Yung Hsieh
Yi-Hsiang Huang
Joo Ha Hwang
Gianluca Ianiro
Kenichiro Imai
Mudar Zand Irani
Ugo Iroku
Danny Issa
Steven Itzkowitz
Manhal Izzy
John Jacobs, Jr.
Kevan Jacobson
Anand Jain
Animesh Jain
Sook-Hyang Jeong
Arun Jesudian
Daniela Jodorkovsky
Binu John
Patricia Jones
Abel Joseph
Swapna Joshi
Pascal Juillerat
Kee Wook Jung
Allon Kahn
Allon Kahn
Evangelos Kalaitzakis
Afrin Kamal
Patrick Kamath
Kenya Kamimura
Sunanda Kane
Takashi Kanesaka
Gilaad Kaplan
David Kaplan
Matthew Kappus
Devika Kapuria
Julia Karady
Gres Karim
Christian Karime
Avinash Karpe
Fay Kastrinos
Yasumi Katayama
Katri Kaukinen
Kazunori Kawaguchi
Andrew Keaveny
Laurie Keefer
Mohit Kehar
Jutta Keller
Caleb Kelly
Bradley Kendall
Daniel Keszthelyi
Abraham Khan
Sahil Khanna
Sahil Khanna
Vishal Khatri
Imran Khokhar
Alexander Khoruts
Leila Kia
John Kim
Byung-Wook Kim
Nina Kimer
Jun Kiuchi
Taku Kobayashi
Bharati Kochar
Christopher Koh
Srinadh Komanduri
Mina Komuta
Gauree Konijeti
Arthur Kooyker
Uri Kopylov
Vikram Kotwal
Richard Kravitz
E.J. Kuipers
Anand Kulkarni
Navin Kumar
Dennis Kumral
Sonia Kupfer
Vladimir Kushnir
Toshio Kuwai
Paul Kwo
Brian Lacy
Edith Lahner
Gerry Lake-Bakaar
Angela Lam
Angel Lanas
Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar
Lena Lapidot
Bret Lashner
Monika Laszkowska
Lucrezia Laterza
Gonzalo Latorre
Mette Lauridsen
Ryan Law
Linda Lee
Brian Lee
David Uihwan Lee
David Leiman
Arnaud Lemmers
Rupert Leong
Grigorios Leontiadis
Cosmas Rinaldi Lesmana
Wai Leung
Jonathan Levine
David Levinthal
James Lewis
Hengjing Li
Steve Lichtman
Berkeley Limketkai
Zhixiong Lin
Ellen Lipstein
Jianjun Liu
Madeeha Lodhi
George Longstreth
Rohit Loomba
Emily Lopes
Susan Lou
Jeremy Louissaint
Mark Lowe
Dana J. Lukin
Hung Luu
Kristle Lynch
Wenjie Ma
Jorge Machicado
David Mack
Elizabeth Madva
Yasuharu Maeda
Srihari Mahadev
Uma Mahadevan
Nadim Mahmud
Joyce Wing Yan Mak
Georgia Malamut
Petar Mamula
Mattias Mandorfer
Gautam Mankaney
Scott Manski
Jennifer Maratt
Wojciech Marlicz
Riccardo Marmo
Hirotsugu Maruyama
Neil Marya
Benson Massey
Sara Massironi
Juntaro Matsuzaki
Mark Mattar
Srijan Mazumdar
Nikhilesh Mazumder
John Mccarthy
Sarah Mcgill
Julia Mcnabb-Baltar
Gil Melmed
Joshua Melson
Claire Meyer
Dejan Micic
Toshiki Mimura
Phillip Minar
Lalita Gouri Mitra
Hiroto Miwa
Sonmoon Mohapatra
Hugo Monrroy
Sarvenaz Moosaviasl
Baha Moshiree
Steven Moss
Mark Muthiah
Raman Muthusamy
Zaheer Nabi
Gihan Naguib
Rahim Naimi
Hiroshi Nakase
Ilke Nalbantoglu
Neil Nandi
Neeraj Narula
Leila Neshatian
James Neuberger
Brent Neuschwander-Tetri
Mindie Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen
Katherine Ni
Borko Nojkov
Carl Nordstrom
Amadeu Nunes
Vincenzo Occhipinti
Julianne O’daniel
Søren Olesen
Claudia Oliveira
Rüveyda Ölmez Yalazi
Endashaw Omer
Tadayuki Oshima
Mohamed Othman
Peter Ott
Taryn Owens
Amy Oxentenko
Rish Pai
Partha Pal
Daniel Pambianco
Apostolis Papaefthymiou
Konstantinos Papamichail
Darrell S. Pardi
Do Hyun Park
Henry Parkman
Shirley Paski
Amit Patel
Dhyanesh Patel
Arpan Patel
Samarth Patel
Kavish Patidar
Sonali Paul
Oliver Pech
Mark Pedersen
Linda Perez
Juan Pericas
Abhilash Perisetti
Yonne Peters
Kathryn Peterson
Megan Petrik
Max Petrov
Cyriac Philips
Anna Phillips
Jessica Philpott
Salvatore Piano
Paola Piccolo
Maxime Pichon
Sampsa Pikkarainen
Mark Pimentel
Felipe Piñol
Joseph Pisegna
Charlotte Pitcher
Valerie Pittet
Mark Pochapin
Paul Pockros
Alexander Podboy
Francesca Romana Ponziani
Michael Praktiknjo
Arati Pratap
Bryan A. Priego-Parra
Petr Protiva
Adonis Protopapas
Magdalena Prüß
Angela Puente
Emad Qayed
Xian Qin
Eamonn M Quigley
Waqar Qureshi
Shervin Rabizadeh
Laura Raffals
Graziella Rangel Paniz
Mohamad Rashid
Puru Rattan
Kavya Reddy
Shan Reddy
Jose Remes-Troche
Enric Reverter
Ali Rezaie
Mentore Ribolsi
Bob Richards
Joel Richter
Mark Riddle
Jesús Rivera-Esteban
Syed Rizvi
Douglas Robertson
Venkata Rokkam
Sabine Roman
Giulio Francesco Romiti
Michael Rosen
Mohammad Rostami-Nejad
Nitzan Roth
Jonah Rubin
David Rubin
John Rudnick, Jr.
Vivek Rudrapatna
Massimo Rugge
Isaac Ruiz
Sheila Rustgi
Sammy Saab
Richard Saad
Brett Sadowski
Saad Saffo
Kaylan Saginala
Srishti Saha
Rafael Saia
John Saltzman
M Samyn
Santosh Sanagapalli
Natascha Silva Sandy
Tarek Sawas
Greg Sayuk
Esperance Schaefer
Jörn Schattenberg
Lawrence Schiller
Arthur Schmidt
Andreas Schnitzbauer
Allison Schulman
Philipp Schwabl
Frank Scott
Jonathan Philip Segal
Maria Segovia
Masau Sekiguchi
Christian Selinger
Marina Serper
Amrita Sethi
Samir Shah
Brijen Shah
Abdel Aziz Shaheen
Neal Shahidi
Nikrad Shahnavaz
Mostafa Shalaby
Sarah Shalaby
Amol Sharma
Anamay Sharma
Mithun Sharma
Aasma Shaukat
Souradet Shaw
Satoki Shichijo
Andrea Shin
Claire L. Shovlin
Manish Shrestha
Martha Shrubsole
Shazia Siddique
Mohammad Siddiqui
Daniel Sifrim
Amanda Silva-Sperb
Heidi Silver
Douglas Simonetto
Ashwani Singal
Harminder Singh
Siddharth Singh
Daniel So
Rhonda Souza
Stuart Spechler
Linsey Spence
Brennan Spiegel
Robin Spiller
P Spradling
Vincenzo Stanghellini
Peter Stanich
Adrian Stanley
Richard Sterling
Antonio Sterpetti
David Stewart
Ryan Stidham
Jonathan Stine
Neil Stollman
Andrew Stoltz
Cosby Stone
Daniel Strand
Mario Strazzabosco
Pavel Strnad
Tommaso Stroffolini
Mitsushige Sugimoto
Ryan Suk
Vinay Sundaram
Whitney Sunseri
Daniel Sussman
Hidekazu Suzuki
Arun Swaminath
Gaurav Syal
Shorabuddin Syed
Tiffany Taft
Teppei Tagawa
Kazunori Takada
Will Takakura
Xiaoqing Tan
Tomohiro Tanaka
Elliot Tapper
Giovanni Targher
Bilge Taskin
Janet Tate
Benedetta Terziroli Beretta-Piccoli
Adarsh Thaker
Alok Thakur
Thierry Thevenot
Pierre-Clément Thiebaud
Tom Thomas
Margaret Thomas
Andrew Thomson
Hans Tillmann
Monica Tincopa
Mª Isabel Torres
Hidenori Toyoda
Jonel Trebicka
Arvind Trindade
Andrew Trout
Yi-Ju Tseng
Dan Turner
Takeji Umemura
Alberto Unzueta
Genki Usui
Michael Vaezi
Dominique Valla
Geoffroy Vanbiervliet
Hugo Vargas
Byron Vaughn
Kenneth Vega
Andrew Veitch
Fernando Velayos
Sander Jo Veldhuyzen Van Zanten
Christopher Vélez
Bram Verstockt
Eduardo Vilar Gomez
Alejandra Villamil
Mihir Wagh
Arnold Wald
Helge Waldum
Susanne Walter
Julian Walters
David Wan
Zhengyi Wang
Xiao Jing Wang
Meng Wang
Kenneth Wang
Mengying Wang
Bo Wang
Qiao-Li Wang
Sachin Wani
Mamoru Watanabe
Kimberly Weaver
Zsa Zsa Weerts
Brian Wentworth
Monia Werlang
Thomas Wichelmann
Alyeesha Wilhelm
Philippe Willems
Renee Williams
Jeffrey Wilson
Isabelle Winer
Rachel Winter
Robert Wong
Grace Wong
Vincent Wai-Sun Wong
Benjamin Wright
Gavin Wright
I-Chien Wu
Huifang Xia
Qing Xie
Fang Xu
Rena Yadlapati
Takeshi Yamamura
Jeff Yang
Tian Yang
Wanshui Yang
Fan Yang
Dong-Hoon Yang
Jasper Yao
Andres Yarur
Eric Yoshida
Patrick Young
Zobair Younossi
Ming-Lung Yu
Jessica Yu
Mark Zalupski
Ann Zauber
Frank Zerbib
Dongying Zhang
Zhengdong Zhang
Matthew Zhao
Ming-Hua Zheng
Alex Zhornitskiy
Marc Zuckerman
Angelo Zullo
Sebastian Zundler
Ali Aghdassi
Mark Ainsworth
Naohiko Akimoto
Martino Alberto
Mohammed Alkhero
David Alpers
Jordan Axelrad
Jessica Bauer
Linda Beenet
Shrinivas Bishu
Christopher J. Black
Patricia Bloom
Wen Cai
Michael Camilleri
Renato Cannizzaro
Franck Carbonnel
Gian Paolo Caviglia
Ishita Chatterjee
Vincent Chen
Sheng-Hung Chen
Guang Chen
Jinjun Chen
Rirong Chen
Lea Chen
Giuseppe Chiarioni
Naoki Chiba
Beatriz Cole
Dario Conte
Clara Benedetta Conti
Stefano Crippa
Andrew Day
Frauke Degenhardt
Kathleen Delgiorno
Archita Desai
Viktor Domislović
Mohamed Ebrahim
Luca Elli
Muhammer Ergenç
Fernando Fernández-Bañares
Fabian Frost
Manish Gala
Javier Gisbert
Tamas Gonda
Andres Gottfried-Blackmore
David Graham
Phil Greer
Madhusudan Grover
Lucía G Gutiérrez
Yeonjung Ha
Emma Halmos
Fumihito Hirai
Nicholas Hoerter
Darcy Holt
Erik Holzwanger
Yusuke Horiuchi
Yujin Hoshida
Zhijian Hu
Gengwen Huang
Tsukasa Ikeura
Danny Issa
Mohammad Nasser Kabbany
Apichat Kaewdech
Evangelos Kalaitzakis
Faisal Kamal
Nathalie Kapel
David Kaplan
Byung-Wook Kim
Ariangela Kozik
Peter Lee
Ji Li
Bofei Li
Berkeley Limketkai
Julajak Limsrivilai
Alexander Link
Haizhou Liu
Wen-Yang Liu
Giuseppe Losurdo
Xuanyong Lu
Sicong Ma
Jorge Machicado
Benedict J. Maliakkal
Aikaterini Mantaka
Neil Marya
Atsushi Masamune
Juntaro Matsuzaki
Joshua Melson
Stacy Menees
Shyam Menon
Carolyn Newberry
Tobias Niedermaier
Takashi Nishina
Yael Nobel
Joel Pekow
Parkpoom Phatharacharukul
Anna Phillips
Jessica Philpott
Valérie Pittet
Satish Rao
James Richter
Julia Rode
David Avelar Rodriguez
Salih Samo
Sergio Sánchez-Luna
Eric Shah
Jason Shapiro
Ala Sharara
Shouji Shimoyama
Andrea Shin
Xu Shu
Dennis Shung
Joshua Sloan
Virginia Solitano
Jinling Song
Calen Steiner
Ge Sun
Yoji Takeuchi
Dehua Tang
Pornthep Tanpowpong
Levi M. Teigen
Kessarin Thanapirom
Andrew Thomson
Lindsay Trocke
Byron Vaughn
David Wan
Kai Wang
Jennifer Weiss
Rick Wood
Rosa Xicola
Honggang Yu
Nicholas J. Zyromski
Akwasi Abayie
Daniyal Abbas
Abdullah Abbasi
Yazan Abboud
Mohamed Abdallah
Hazem Abosheaishaa
Khalil Abuamr
Elizabeth Aby
Sami Achem
Sneha Adidam
Rashmi Advani
Ayushi Agarwal
Ashish Agarwal
Jaya Agarwal
Avin Aggarwal
Avin Aggarwal
Rita Ahmad
Takashi Akutagawa
Ali Alali
Abdul Aleem
Elmarie Alexander
Khalid Alghamdi
Lolwa Al-Obaid
Mansour Alourfi
Mohanad Al-Qaisi
Yamam Al-Saadi
Mohd Amer Alsamman
Mira Alsheikh
Joseph Alukal
Stuart Amateau
Giuseppe Annunziata
Catiele Antunes
Rany Aoun
Juwairiya Arshi
Bilal Asif
Ganesh Aswath
Augustin Attwell
Hamed Azimi
Firas Bahdi
Dervis Bandres
Anjan Banerjee
Michael Barker
Michael Beattie
Harjot Bedi
Harold Benites Goñi
Jeffrey Berinstein
Hugo Beyuma Mora
Keyur Bhatt
Pratin Bhatt
Abhik Bhattacharya
Miguel Bispo
Luigi Bonavina
Malek Michael Bouhairie
Joana Branco
Deepa Budh
Ben Byriel
Lesly Calixto Aguilar
Edward Cay
Aoumar Chamma
Raguraj Chandradevan
Tulika Chatterjee
Vipul Chaudhari
Mahesh Cheryala
Jin Yu Chieng
Jerry Yung-Lun Chin
Vibhu Chittajallu
Alyssa Choi
Brandon Chu
Kofi Clarke
Teresa Da Cunha
Dushyant Dahiya
Dharanesh Daneti
Manjusha Das
Guilherme Henrique Peixoto De Oliveira
Glenda Delgado
Maheshkumar Desai
Murali Dharan
Banreet Dhindsa
Saam Dilmaghani
Albert Do
Zahra Dossaji
Martin Drago
Derrick Eichele
Hajj Ihab El
Rayan El-Zein
Muhammer Ergenç
Mahmoud Essam
Aimen Farooq
Umer Farooq
Gabriel Figueroa-Parra
Thomas Fredrick
Miguel Freiría-Eiras
Cassandra Fritz
Khushboo Gala
Gopinathan Gangadharan Nambiar
Aleksandar Gavric
Marcel Ghanim
Gaurav Ghosh
Dennis Gibson
Suprabhat Giri
Humberto Gonzalez
Jonathan Gotfried
Abhinav Goyal
John Mark Gubatan
Rahul Gupta
Ghada Habib
James Haddad
Ahmad Halawi
Tesnim Hamdan
Stephanie Hansel
S M Ali Hasan
Abdul Haseeb
Corrin Hepburn
Melissa Hershman
Ryan Hoff
Erik Holzwanger
Yuting Huang
Isabel Hujoel
Chun Kit Hung
Sofia Jakab
Kapil Jamwal
Febin John
Abel Joseph
Gunjan Joshi
Prasanna Kapavarapu
Sean Kelly
Nidah Khakoo
Zarak Khan
Muhammad Khan
Gebran Khneizer
Athanasios Kontos
Somashekar Krishna
Brandon Kuiper
Sumit Kumar
Pankaj Kumar
Justin Kupec
Paul Kwo
Alexander Lalos
Ryan Law
Jeonghun Lee
Alisa Likhitsup
Chun-Han Lo
David Lo
Giuseppe Losurdo
Susana Marques
Jose Martin-Ortiz
Colin Martyn
Chiara Maruggi
Lindsay Matthews
Areej Mazhar
John Mcauliffe
Thomas Mccarty
Lokesh Meena
Atsushi Michigami
Hamidreza Moein
Akshata Moghe
Pazhanivel Mohan
Sonmoon Mohapatra
Bradley Morganstern
Samiran Mukherjee
Aditi Mulgund
Ramzi Mulki
Yukihiro Nakanishi
Cheng Han Ng
Veronica Nguyen
Murk Niaz
Ferreira Carlos Noronha
Naganath Babu Obla Lakshmanamoorthy
Shyam Odeti
David Olson
Nazli Begum Ozturk
Elizabeth Paine
Kevin Pak
Pavan Paka
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