Medicare: A Broken Reimbursement System Means More Unacceptable Cuts

From ACG Legislative and Public Policy Council Chair, Louis J. Wilson, MD, FACG

Medicare reimbursement is yet again under threat of destructive and unreasonable cuts. Once again, these cuts are due to an antiquated and broken Medicare reimbursement system and budgeting rules.

The ACG Public Policy Council has been sounding the alarm over these issues to Congress during the 2022 ACG Advocacy Day, and during my briefings with the U.S. House of Representatives’ “Doctors Caucus.” Make no mistake, these cuts are dangerous to patients, anti-physician practice and must be changed. It’s time for ACG members to act. Why is this important? What is Medicare’s response to these threats?

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ACG Comments on FDA Drug Development Guidance

From ACG FDA Related Matters Committee Chair, Eric D. Shah, MD, MBA, FACG

The ACG FDA Related Matters Committee and IBD subject-matter experts recently provided comment on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) industry drug development guidance on ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

ACG will continue to work with the FDA in helping our patients get access to safe and effective IBD treatments. Thank you to the following committee members and subject-matter experts: Sunanda Kane, MD, MSPH, FACG, Gary Lichtenstein, MD, FACG, Kendall Beck, MD, Shrinivas Bishu, MD, Young Oh, MD, MS, Lawrence Goldkind, MD

ACG Prior Authorization Task Force: New Toolbox Guidance

From ACG Governor Vice Chair and ACG Prior Authorization Task Force Chair, Dayna S. Early, MD, FACG, and Stephen T. Amann, MD, FACG

The ACG Governors and Practice Management Committee recently formed a collaborative taskforce on prior authorization. Led by Chair, Dr. Early, the group has focused on practical guidance for reducing the burdens of prior authorization, while ACG advocates for comprehensive reform at the state and federal level.

New ACG Member Guidance: The Task Force interviewed colleagues and representatives from payors in developing some practical guidance on reducing the burdens of prior authorization. Read the latest addition to the ACG Practice Management Toolbox, "Tools to Help Manage Prior Authorization: Concepts to Help Decrease the Hurdles."

Thank you ACG Prior Authorization Task Force for your work!

Baharak Moshiree, MD, MSc, FACG
David Hass, MD, FACG
Joseph Cappa, MD, FACG
Shabana Pasha, MD, FACG
Shireen Pais, MD, FACG
Whitfield Knapple, MD, FACG