ACG Leadership Working With Biden Administration and Cancer Moonshot Task Force

On Wednesday, ACG President Samir A. Shah, MD, FACG, and members of the ACG Board of Trustees met with HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra’s counsel and representatives to President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative. The group provided an update on ACG’s ongoing work in reducing barriers and inequities in colorectal cancer screening. In April, Dr. Shah and ACG leaders met with the Director of Medicare, Meena Seshamani, MD, PhD, to discuss these important issues.

ACG will continue to collaborate with the Biden Administration and the Cancer Moonshot initiative to increase colorectal cancer screening and surveillance rates in the U.S., focusing on prevention and the continuum of screening.

Dr. Shah’s message in ACG MAGAZINE: In the most recent edition of ACG MAGAZINE, Dr. Shah discusses the importance of ACG members’ advocacy efforts and “being at the table” on policy issues. Please join the ACG Legislative and Public Policy Council, and Chair Louis J. Wilson, MD, FACG, in these efforts!

“We need all our ACG members to be part of the solution. Be a part of our democracy — it’s our civic duty to engage actively in the process and make sure that our values are represented at the highest levels.”

- ACG President Samir A. Shah, MD, FACG

ACG President, Samir A. Shah, MD, FACG

ACG NAAN Staying Busy on Capitol Hill

From ACG Legislative and Public Policy Council Chair, Louis J. Wilson, MD, FACG

On Tuesday, ACG Governor for Northern Caifornia, Ronald Hsu, MD, FACG, met with Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-CA). Dr. Hsu thanked Rep. Cardenas for his support of Improving Seniors' Timely Access to Care Act (H.R. 3173), and the Safe Step Act (H.R. 2163). He looks forward to working with the College this year.

ACG Advocating for Clinical GI at AMA House of Delegates

Thank you Bruce Cameron, MD, MACG, and March Seabrook, MD, FACG, for representing ACG and patients at the June 2022 American Medical Association House of Delegates (AMA HOD 2022) meeting. The HOD sets the legislative and public policy agenda for the AMA, bringing together state medical associations and other national medical specialty societies. Drs. Cameron and Seabrook urged the AMA to prioritize fair and accurate reimbursement, to support policies that curb the use of prior authorization, to protect the independent GI practices, as well as other important patient care issues.

ACG Comments on Celiac Disease Drug Development Guidance

From ACG FDA Related Matters Committee Chair, Eric D. Shah, MD, MBA, FACG

This week, members of the ACG FDA Related Matters Committee and other volunteer subject matter experts submitted comment to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent draft industry guidance entitled, “Celiac Disease: Developing Drugs for Adjunctive Treatment to a Gluten-Free Diet.”

Currently, celiac disease constitutes an unmet clinical need with no FDA-approved therapies. The current guidance, however, will be relevant to a limited segment of the patient population with celiac disease and may have the unintended effect of excluding many others in need of meaningful therapeutics that could dramatically improve quality of life. Thank you FDA Related Matters Committee members and experts for work on behalf of ACG and our patients. We continue to work with the FDA and industry in developing therapies for our patients. Click here for ACG’s comments.

Thank you ACG FDA Related Matters Committee Members and subject matter experts!

  • Amanda Cartee, MD
  • Lawrence Goldkind, MD
  • Jocelyn Silvester, MD
  • Maureen Leonard, MD, MMSc
  • Joseph Murray, MD, FACG

New in ACG MAGAZINE: How Should ACG Members Respond to a Legal Summons?

In the recent publication of ACG MAGAZINE, ACG Governor for Washington and ACG Professionalism Committee member Andrew Feld, MD, JD, FACG, provides guidance on how ACG members should respond to legal summons. Click here to read this importance article, as well as the other articles in this important edition of ACG MAGAZINE.