ACG Visiting Scholar in
Equity, Diversity, and Ethical Care

The Visiting Scholar in Equity, Diversity, and Ethical Care provides lectures to create awareness around the issues and challenges related to delivering equitable care, respecting diversity, and instilling ethical decision-making. A section of the EAVP application will allow institutions to include a focus on equity, diversity, and/or ethical care. These topics can be offered as stand-alone lectures or in conjunction with a disease state topic-driven visit (i.e., Endoscopic Considerations in Underserved Populations).

Along with the Center for Leadership Ethics & Equity (LE&E Center), ACG has created the Visiting Scholar in Equity, Diversity, and Ethical Care to help promote these values to institutions so that they can provide sensitive care to patients of many different backgrounds. The more comfortable patients feel the more likely they are to seek care to improve their health outcomes.

The Edgar Achkar Visiting Scholar application will be open from July 22 to August 21, 2024.

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“The biggest impact of my visit was the ability to meet and network with the UAB fellows and colleagues. I had very engaging conversations and discussed the potential for future collaboration on research.” Dr. Victor Chedid

Meeting with the fellows was absolutely energizing! They were engaged and had thoughtful questions about their next career steps! They were such a fun group and I’m honored I had the opportunity to meet with them! Dr. Rachel Issaka