To Advance to Fellow, you must meet certain requirements:

Since the College’s inception in the mid 1930’s, the designation of Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology (FACG), has been bestowed upon select members in recognition of significant professional achievement and superior competence within the field of gastroenterology, pediatric gastroenterology, gastrointestinal surgery, gastrointestinal radiology, or gastrointestinal pathology. The FACG designation represents achievements that highlight your dedication to your profession.

To Advance to Fellow, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Demonstration of scholarly activities, which include continuing education experience, professional leadership, and excellence in the fields of clinical practice and/or academic medicine.
  • Current uninterrupted membership or international membership in the College for a period of no less than five years (post Resident/Trainee Membership).
  • Minimum of 3 distinct* ACG managed and sponsorred CME courses within the last six years:
    • At least two in-person meetings are required
    • *Attendance at multiple courses in the same meeting, e.g., PG Course and Annual Meeting, or Regional Meeting plus Hepatology School counts as one program
  • Evidence of ongoing involvement in ACG activities such as Committees, Courses, Annual Meeting attendance, etc.
  • Letters of recommendation by two Fellows of the College. The letters should, at a minimum, include:
    • How well you know the applicant (in what capacity, for how long, etc.)
    • Qualifications that justify Fellowship, specifically describing the applicant’s scope of practice, their strengths, including:
      • Research and publications
      • Teaching
      • Clinical care
      • Medical leadership
      • Community service related to Gastroenterology
    • The candidate’s integrity and moral character
    • Activities in the College, such as Committee service, presentations, etc.
    • A means of contact if the Committee has questions
  • Documentation of initial certification by one or more of the following specialty boards recognized by the Council on Graduate Medical Education of the American Medical Association: American Board of Internal Medicine (subspecialty Boards in Gastroenterology), or its equivalent, e.g., American Board of Pediatrics (subspecialty Board in Gastroenterology), American Board of Surgery, American Board of Radiology, American Board of Pathology, the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine or the Canadian equivalent qualifications, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.
  • Application fee of $50
  • Annual Membership dues of $325

Benefits of Fellowship of ACG:

  • You can run for elected office on the Board of Governors
  • You can serve as the Chair of an ACG Committee
  • You can be nominated for the Board of Trustees
  • You can be nominated for a Master Award or the Samuel S. Weiss Award

Additional Benefits:

  • Add FACG in your title, on business cards, and on your CV
  • Recognition in the ACG Magazine, on the ACG website and at the Annual Meeting
  • Certificate of Advancement to Fellowship signed by the ACG President and Secretary

Members Who Advanced to Fellowship This Year

Ayokunle T. Abegunde, MD, FACG
Thomas Abell, MD, FACG
Dustin M. Albert, MD, FACG
Ralph Alhalel, MD, FACG
Jodie A. Barkin, MD, FACG
Edward L. Barnes, MD, FACG
Muhammad Z. Bawany, MD, FACG
Dawn B. Beaulieu, MD, FACG
Mohammad Bilal, MD, FACG
Alejandro Canas-Coto, MD, FACG
Joseph Y. Chang, MD, FACG
Victor Chen, MD, FACG
Matthew A. Chin, MD, FACG
Maithill V. Chitnavis, MD, FACG
Kevin M. Cronley, MD, FACG
Narayan Dharel, MD, FACG
Sandra El-Hachem, MD, FACG
Fabian Emura, MD, FACG
Hala Fatima, MD, FACG
Sean Fine, MD, FACG
Robert J. Fontana, MD, FACG
Mark S. Friedman, MD, FACG
Juan Gallegos-Orozco, MD, FACG
Divyangkumar Gandhi, MD, FACG
Andrew B. Gentry, MD, FACG
Steven Gruchy, MD, FACG
Toufic Kachaamy, MD, FACG
Allon Kahn, MD, FACG
Amanullah Kalhoro, MD, FACG
Ashwani Kapoor, MD, FACG
Vinay K. Katukuri, MD, FACG
Karen Krok, MD, FACG
Nikhil Kumta, MD, FACG
Vladimir Kushnir, MD, FACG

Jeffrey P. LaFond, MD, FACG
Gregory M. Lam, DO, FACG
Yvette Leung, MD, FACG
David B. Liang, MD, FACG
Pavan K. Mankal, MD, FACG
Dejan Micic, MD, FACG
Farah Monzur, MD, FACG
Andrew M. Moon, MD, MPH, FACG
Jong Ho Moon, MD, FACG
Suzanne K. Morrissey, MD, FACG
Pedro Moutinho-Ribeiro, MD, FACG
Thiruvengadam Muniraj, MD, FACG
Traci T. Murakami, MD, FACG
Laura A. Pace, MD, FACG
Parth J. Parekh, MD, FACG
Walter Park, MD, FACG
Neha V. Patel, MD, FACG
Viral Patel, MD, FACG
Jessica Philpott, MD, PhD, FACG
Rayburn F. Rego, MD, FACG
Mariquit D. Sendelbach, DO, FACG
Nirav R. Shah, MD, FACG
Raina Shivashankar, MD, FACG
Eugenia Shmidt, MD, FACG
Aijaz A. Sofi, MD, FACG
Umair Sohail, MD, FACG
Rhonda F. Souza, MD, FACG
Tagore Sunkara, MD, FACG
James H. Tabibian, MD, FACG
Sasha Taleban, MD, FACG
Haleh Vaziri, MD, FACG
Cihan S. Vurdaydin, MD, FACG
Pascale M. White, MD, FACG
I. Dewa N. Wibawa, MD, FACG