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ACG Evidence-Based GI evaluates new research articles published across GI and Hepatology journals using evidence-based criteria to identify the highest quality studies, write structured abstracts, and provide expert commentary on the article. The summaries are written by the editorial board, and peer reviewed by members of the ACG Committee for Digital Media and Publications.

The criteria from the “User’s Guides to the Medical Literature: A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, 3rd edition” (2015) is used to create structured abstracts, assess the methodologic quality of studies, and explain study results for practitioners with limited knowledge of statistics.

This publication aims to fill an unmet need for members in private practice who do not have institutional access to non-ACG subscription publications. Readers can catch up on research quickly, keeping up to date on new studies and trends in GI.

Editorial Board


  • Philip Schoenfeld, MD, MSEd, MScEpi, FACG

Associate Editors

  • Ahmad Abu-Heija, MD
  • Romy Chamoun, MD
  • Rahul Dalal, MD, MPH
  • Swathi Eluri, MD, MSCR
  • Bharati Kochar, MD, MS
  • Jeffrey Lee, MD 
  • Philip N. Okafor, MD, MPH, FACG
  • Nicole Rich, MD
  • Noor Syed, MD
  • Timothy Yen, MD
  • Social Media Ambassadors

    Social Media Associate Editors
    • Romy Chamoun, MD and Noor Syed, MD

    CRC Awareness Month Team
    • Mohamad I. Itani, MD
    • Chukwunonso Benedict Ezeani, MD
    • Jassimran Singh, MD
    • Camille Lupianez Merly, MD
    Media Operations
    • Aimen Farooq, MD
    • Kashyap Chauhan, MD
    GI Fellowship Outreach
    • Jalpa Devi, MBBS
    Trainee #SoMe Impact Study Lead
    • Sophia Dar, MD
    • Sophia Dar, MD
    • Aimem Farooq, MD
    • Kashyap Chauhan, MD
    • Fnu Vikash, MD, M.Med
    • Nazli Begum Ozturk, MD
    • Arjun Chatterjee, MD
    • Hannah Winthrop Fiske, MD
    • Dheera Grover, MBBS
    • Michelle Baliss, DO
    • Muhammad Sheharyar Warraich, MBBS
    • Maryam Bilal Haidar, MD
    • Mohamad I. Itani, MD
    • Aastha Chokshi, MD
    • Carl Kay, MD
    • Jalpa Devi, MBBS
    • Sean-Patrick Prince, MD, MPH
    • Camille Lupianez Merly, MD
    • Devika Ghandi, MD
    • Umer Farooq, MD
    • Clive Jude Miranda, DO, MSc
    • Jassimran Singh, MD
    • Anoushka Dua, MD
    • Eleazar Montalván-Sánchez, MD
    • Chukwunonso Benedict Ezeani, MD
    • Natalie Wilson, MD
    • Kuntal Bhowmick, MD
    • Tessa Herman, MD
    • Mythili Menon Pathiyil, MD
    • Peter Bhandari, MD
    • Daryl Ramai, MD, MPH, MSc
    • Ben Clement, MD
    • Grecia Santaella-Mendez, MD
    • Chidiebele Omaliko, MD