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The Discoverers: Development of the Colon Prep

Dr. John Fordtran shares with Dr. Lawrence R. Schiller a brief history of the development of the colon prep, including the development of the PEG solution GoLYTELY®

Getting It Right

Building Success – Negotiation 101

Negotiation 101: How to Get What You Want in a Negotiation. Tips from Dr. Sameer Islam and Dr. Vonda Reeves

Getting It Right

Building Success –Transitioning to Telehealth

A 5-Step Roadmap to Quickly Transition to Telehealth During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond by Dr. Stephen Amann, Dr. Jordan Karlitz, and Dr. Eric Shah

ACG Perspectives

Conversations with Women in GI

Dr. Jill Gaidos returns to the series, speaking with Dr. Aline Charabaty about changing institutions and building a social media presence

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