The Center for Leadership, Ethics & Equity is bringing together the GI Community on Giving Tuesday to transform the future of clinical GI.

With your help the Center for Leadership, Ethics & Equity will:

  • Educate and cultivate the pipeline of well-prepared leaders in gastroenterology
  • Promote the practical application of ethical leadership
  • Fund research to produce actionable science that will translate into reducing disparities in health and/or health care
  • Advance health equity
  • Improve patient outcomes

The programs under the LE&E Center include:

#ACGGivingTuesday is an opportunity to give back to the GI profession, provide clinical investigators the funds for research that can transform patient care, provide furthering education for leaders, and so much more. We all have a role to play in patient care and effective health care delivery.

Photo of Justin Kupec, MD, FACG

The Advanced Leadership Development Program offers a personalized approach to leadership yet offers the opportunity to work with a group of diverse peers. I was able to identify my leadership strengths and weaknesses while utilizing the tools provided to self-improve. This program has allowed me to recognize the value that the College places on its members.

– Justin Kupec, MD, FACG (ALDP ’22)

We believe in securing a strong future in clinical GI for doctors, researchers, and patients.
You can help us trailblaze new paths for science, clinical practice, and education for all involved. Are you with us?
Our Goal is to raise awareness of The LE&E Center and the work it is doing for patients, students, researchers, doctors and their staff.


  • 721 Clinical GI investigators funded since 1994
  • 176 Early Career Leadership Program Participants
  • $450k over Three Years: The Junior Faculty Development Grant
  • 75 ACG Scholars (recipients of Junior Faculty Development Awards)
  • $29M Invested in innovative patient care research
  • 100 Edgar Achkar Visiting Professorship Visits

Giving Levels

Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference!

To learn more about The LE&E Center, the ACG Institute, and how larger philanthropic gifts
can transform clinical gastroenterology, contact David Stein at

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