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Each month the AJG Co-Editors-in-Chief, Dr. Jasmohan Bajaj and Dr. Millie Long, interview the author of a key article highlighting important clinical science for practicing gastrointestinal specialists.

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Analysis From the GIQuIC Registry: Adenoma Detection Rates in 45–49-Year-Old Persons Undergoing Screening Colonoscopy

May 2022

Aasma Shaukat, MD, MPH, FACG

Co-Editor-in-Chief of AJG, Jasmohan Bajaj, MD, FACG, and author Aasma Shaukat, MD, MPH, FACG, discuss the new study using the GI Quality Improvement Consortium registry from 2014 to 2020 among individuals aged 45–75 years on the on the endoscopist adenoma detection rate. (11:38)

ACG Clinical Guideline: Colorectal Cancer Screening 2021

March 2021

Dr. Aasma Shaukat

Aasma Shaukat, MD, MPH, FACG talks with Co-Editor in Chief Dr. Brian Lacy about the new ACG Guideline Colorectal Cancer Screening 2021. She discusses the new screening recommendation for average-risk individuals as young as 45 to reduce incidence of advanced adenoma, CRC, and mortality from CRC. (22:22)