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Colorectal Cancer

ACG’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Q&A Podcast Series features physician experts answering some of the most common questions about colorectal cancer. Some podcasts feature patients and provide an in-depth look at the risk factors related CRC. Family History, Lynch Syndrome and Other Colorectal Cancer Risk Factors Listen Now

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The ACG is proud to introduce a new podcast series, “Audio Q&A on Inflammatory Bowel Disease,” featuring ACG experts answering questions on topics of most concern to IBD patients, their caregivers and loved ones. Is there a special diet for IBD? Listen Now

All GI Podcasts

ACG experts answer questions about the conditions patients are most concerned about. Podcasts include:

Emerging therapies for Gastroparesis Listen Now


Featured Items

Ulcerative Colitis: A Guide for Patients

ACG’s Ulcerative Colitis: A Guide for Patients video is a 15-minuted educational video featuring real-life patient stories, and an interview with IBD Expert Stephen B. Hanauer, MD, FACG, President of the American College of Gastroenterology. One of the UC patients profiled is musician Casey Abrams, a contestant from TV’s “American Idol” competition. An in-depth look at Ulcerative Colitis: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and informational resources. Watch Now