ACG Committees

Committees are where most of the real work of the ACG takes place. Many of the policy and project decisions reached by the ACG Board of Trustees begin with ideas raised at the committee meetings and developed by a specific committee.

In 1985, the College had 18 different committees, and a total of 102 committee members. By contrast, the College now has 22 different committees with more than 350 committee members. This is the source of the College’s growth and strength.

At this time, requests to Join a Committee in 2015 have been closed. Committee appointments have been made and committee assignment notifications will be sent in late July. New committee members will be invited to attend the committee meetings in October at ACG’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. After the ACG Annual Meeting in October, the Join a Committee form will be reopened, and you will be able to submit your requests to join a committee in 2016.

To learn more about what ACG’s committees have been doing for you, click any of the links below.

Archives Committee
Awards Committee
Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Credentials Committee
Educational Affairs Committee
FDA Related Matters Committee
Finance and Budget Committee
International Relations Committee
Membership Committee
Minority Affairs and Cultural Diversity Committee
National Affairs Committee
Patient Care Committee
Pediatric Gastroenterology Committee
Practice Management Committee
Practice Parameters Committee
Professional Issues Committee
Public Relations Committee
Publications Committee
Research Committee
Training Committee
Women in Gastroenterology Committee