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The new Guide to the Guidelines book series is now available. The book offers insights to the ACG clinical practice guidelines, and is authored by Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS, FACG, and Hetal A. Karsan, MD, FACG. Both authors have served as editors and contributors to The American Journal of Gastroenterology, and started this three volume project after seeing a strong desire among clinicians to learn the ACG guidelines in efficient, accessible, and fun way.

Each chapter of the Guide to the Guidelines series includes carefully selected vignettes designed to illustrate key concepts from the guidelines, followed by a conversation-style discussion written to keep you awake and alert. The authors highlight noteworthy points and provide multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of the material. The authors use their combined experience of managing GI and liver patients in both academic and private practice settings to help you provide high quality care to your patients.

In Volume 1, Bread and Butter GI, you will find common luminal topics that comprise everyday practice. Topics covered include:

  • Neurogastroenterology and motility guidelines (IBS and SIBO)
  • Esophagus guidelines (GERD, Barrett’s, and achalasia)
  • GI Cancers and Colonoscopy (colorectal cancer screening, GI polyposis syndrome)
  • Quality Matters (colonscopy quality, bowel prep guidelines)

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The Authors

Brennan Spiegel
Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS, FACG
Professor of Medicine and Public Health
Director of Health Services Research, Cedars-Sinai
Director, Cedars-Sinai Master’s Degree
Program in Health Delivery Science
Hetal Karsan
Hetal A. Karsan, MD, FACG
Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Emory University
Chair, ACG Credentials Committee
International Governor of ACG
Chair, United Digestive Medical Education