Poster 175 The Anal Pap Smear. How Much Do You Know?

Andrew Korman, MD
Andrew Korman, MD

Author Insight from Andrew Korman, MD, Mount Sinai Beth Israel

What’s new here and important for clinicians?

Anal carcinoma compromises 2.5% of all digestive system malignancies in the United States and has been found to share many similarities with cancer of the cervix, in particular infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Anal pap smear testing can identify dysplastic lesions that may lead to cancer of the anal canal and thus preventing invasive carcinoma.

In our single center study, “The Anal Pap Smear: How Much Do You Know?” it became apparent that there was a significant knowledge deficit regarding both the technical skills of performing an anal pap smear and knowing which patient would require this test.

What do patients need to know?

Not only health care professionals, but patients too should be aware of the risk factors for developing anal cancer and how to screen if necessary. Unfortunately, there is no standardized protocol to screening, and this likely contributes to the general lack of awareness of anal pap smear testing. Ultimately, improvement in education among physicians and patients will be necessary to tackle this is critical issue.

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Andrew Korman, MD, Mount Sinai Beth Israel

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