DeMarcoOn Tuesday, I attended the March 2016 National Physicians Council for Healthcare Policy meeting sponsored by Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX).  I was invited by the Council’s leadership to represent gastroenterology.  The National Physicians Council is a group of physicians from across all specialties with the shared goal of taking back the practice of medicine.  Our goal is to work with congressional leaders like Rep. Pete Sessions (my congressman) to pass legislation that helps empower physician practices and frees us up from various legal, regulatory, and contractual restrictions.  ACG and the Council believe that to improve the quality of patient care we must also improve the ability of physician practices to treat our patients in a fair and pro-competitive working environment.


Daniel C. DeMarco, MD, FACG with Congressman Pete Sessions (R, TX-32)


Daniel C. DeMarco, MD, FACG

ACG Governor for Northern Texas