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GIQuIC for blogThe GIQuIC Registry has again been approved as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for individual Eligible Provider (EP) reporting to the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) for the 2016 reporting year.

The QCDR reporting mechanism is a dynamic reporting option that allows providers to report on measures that are meaningful to their specialty practice and foster improvement in the quality of care provided to patients.

For the 2016 reporting year, eligible providers who satisfactorily participate in PQRS will avoid the 2018 payment adjustment of negative 2.0%, an adjustment that will be compounded further by the value-based payment modifier up to an additional negative 4.0% depending upon group size.

To provide details surrounding the QCDR reporting option and the GIQuIC registry, GIQuIC recently hosted an informational webinar.  You can listen to the QCDR recording HERE.

GIQuIC Quality Registry Reaches 3 Million Colonoscopies

GIQuIC Case growth curveExponential Growth Since 2010

Since 2010, GIQuIC has grown in value as a clinical benchmarking tool for gastroenterology practices. The registry has recently surpassed 3,000,000 colonoscopy cases.

Established in 2010, GIQuIC has witnessed exponential growth in its database of colonoscopies. In November 2014, the registry hit the mark of 1 million colonoscopies. By October 2015, another million cases were added, and subsequently, growth surged with the addition of 1 million more colonoscopies in the past six months to reach a milestone of 3 million cases overall. The growth in procedures has been driven by a surge in the growth of the number of practices and physicians involved in this quality improvement initiative. More than 4,000 providers, over a quarter of all U.S. gastroenterologists, now participate in GIQuIC – a number that has grown by 500 providers since last fall.

You can read the GIQuIC press release HERE

Dr. Irving Pike, Director and President of GIQuIC Board
Dr. Irving Pike, Director and President of GIQuIC Board

Director and President of the GIQuIC Board, Dr. Irving M. Pike, presented the Emily Couric Memorial Lecture at the ACG Annual Scientific Meeting in October 2015, “National Registry Benchmarking for Colonoscopy Quality: The ‘High Road’ Toward Improving the Performance of Colonoscopy and Cancer Prevention.”  He reviews the genesis of quality measurement in gastroenterology and shows how the GIQuIC has become a valuable resource for endoscopists.

To learn more about GIQuIC, view Dr. Pike’s 2015 Emily Couric Memorial Lecture