DeVault in Philadelp[hia at ACP 09152016
Dr. DeVault in Philadelphia at ACP, September 15, 2016

Fixing MOC on the Agenda Today in Philadelphia

September 15, 2016, Philadelphia, PA – The College has been working all angles to fix the flawed MOC framework and address the fundamental problems with the re-certification exam.  While some progress has been made, there is still work to be done.

That’s why I am in Philadelphia today for a meeting convened by the American College of Physicians that includes representatives from the American Board of Internal Medicine.

ACG has consistently communicated your concerns directly to the ABIM and has worked with other organizations across internal medicine, who are also represented at today’s meeting, to develop principles that make the process less complicated, more clinically relevant and less expensive for those who wish to maintain board certification.

I traveled to Philadelphia today because I feel strongly that my presence sends a signal conveying the importance of this issue for ACG members.  To me, it’s imperative that the ABIM leadership recognize the level of dissatisfaction over MOC among ACG members.

Since the College issued a joint multi-society communication to ABIM outlining core principles that MOC must be simpler, less intrusive and less expensive, ACG has continued to share your views with the ABIM.  Today’s meeting gives another important opportunity to bring that message home.

ACG’s key messages will also be reinforced tomorrow at ABIM’s Liaison Committee on Certification and Recertification (LCCR) meeting.  Dr. Michael S. Smith of Temple University will represent the College at that meeting.