Whitfield L. Knapple, MD, FACG Chair, ACG National Affairs
Whitfield L. Knapple, MD, FACG
Chair, ACG National Affairs

ACG members have until December 7 to contest potential payment penalties associated with CY 2015 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and/or the Value Modifier (VM) reporting.  The deadline to file this informal review was originally November 30, but CMS extended this deadline by one week.

According to CMS, ACG members should have been notified by mail, or your respective PQRS feedback reports, if you are subject to 2017 Medicare reimbursement cuts by successfully participating in PQRS.  You can determine whether you are subject to VM penalties or bonuses via your Quality and Resource Use Reports (QRURs).

ACG members are encouraged to submit a request for an informal review even if you are unsure about your status.  Please note that a successful PQRS review will trigger an automatic review of related VM penalties.  However, program officials say the safest course is to file requests for review of both PQRS and VM data.

Whitfield L. Knapple

Chair, ACG National Affairs Committee