Global Focus on Early Diagnosis and Treatment of GI Cancer for WGO’s World Digestive Health Day

The American College of Gastroenterology is honored to join the World Gastroenterology Organisation in observing World Digestive Health Day on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. On World Digestive Health Day, ACG joins WGO in its objective to raise global awareness of evidence-based and patient-centered approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of GI cancers.

About WGO’s World Digestive Health Day

Resources on GI Cancers Offered by WGO for WDHD

ACG Resources for Physicians on GI Cancers: Watch. Listen. Read.

The College has identified a number of articles, guidelines and video presentations that dovetail with WGO’s spotlight on Early Diagnosis and Treatment of GI Cancers. Presentations from the ACG Annual Scientific Meeting, featured lectures, podcasts with experts, guidelines and articles from The American Journal of Gastroenterology are among the ways you can learn more. ACG hopes you enjoy exploring these materials featured in honor of World Digestive Health Day.


Chemoprevention for GI Malignancies

John M. Inadomi, MD, FACG

Recognition and Management of the Patient at Increased Colorectal Cancer Risk

Aasma Shaukat, MD, MPH, FACG

Early Detection of Esophageal Cancer and Barrett’s Esophagus

Vitor Arantes, MD, MSc, PhD

Emily Couric Memorial Lecture–80% Colorectal Cancer Screening by 2018: How Did We Do and Where Do We Go From Here?

David A. Greenwald, MD, FACG

When, Why, and How to Apply Molecular and Genetic Testing to Colon Polyps and Cancer

Elena M. Stoffel, MD, MPH

Progress in the Treatment of Squamous Esophageal Dysplasia and Early-Stage Cancer

Kenneth K. Wang, MD, FACG

Worldwide Epidemiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Hashem B. El-Serag, MD, MPH

Diagnosis and Screening of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Amit Singal, MD, MS


AJG Co-EIC Dr. Brennan Spiegel and Dr. Jewel Samadder debate the pros and cons of changing the screening age for colorectal cancer to 45 years.


Sapna Syngal, MD, MPH, FACG; Randall E. Brand, MD, FACG; James M. Church, MD, FACG; Francis M., Giardiello, MD; Heather L. Hampel, MS, CGC; Randall W. Burt, MD
Jorge A. Marrero, MD; Joseph Ahn, MD, FACG; Rajender K. Reddy, MD, FACG

The Gut Microbiota in Causation, Detection, and Treatment of Cancer

Murphy, et al.

Considering the Supraorganism: Harnessing the Gut Microbiome for Cancer Prevention, Detection and Treatment

Emily B. Hollister, PhD