More 1- Minute Videos from ACG Committee Chairs

I recently challenged ACG’s Committee Chairs to do something that might take some leaders outside their comfort zone: make a 1 minute video to communicate their committee’s mission and accomplishments.

The response has been incredible! In one minute, Past President of the College and Chair of the Awards Committee Dr. Jay Popp shares a precise message and offers an important opportunity for you to nominate your peers for one of ACG’s distinguished awards before April 15th.

You may not be familiar with the work of ACG’s International Relations Committee, but in just 60 seconds Dr. Seth Gross highlights the intersection of education and international collegiality where this committee operates. Dr. Gross highlights ACG’s collaboration on a webinar series in Spanish in partnership with our colleagues in Latin America at OPGE.

I’m proud to share these videos and hope you are as impressed as I am by all the ways that the College’s committees are at work on behalf of our members and our GI profession.


Mark B. Pochapin, MD, FACG
ACG President

Dr. Jay Popp on the ACG Awards Committee and April 15th Deadline to Nominate for Awards at